How You Do Anything Is How You Do Everything!

In our sales training we teach this concept. HIDA-HIDE – How you do A nything is how you do E verything!

Why? Because sometimes sales people think they can treat internal audiences differently than external ones, missing the point that all constituents contribute to a successful outcome.There is this misconception that certain behaviors are acceptable in one area, but should not be applied in others. For example, some people think that it’s OK to be late when meeting with a job applicant, but expect everybody else to be on-time.However, people who apply the same principles to all aspects in their life will be successful and respected. And companies with leaders who adhere to those principles will thrive.In my opinion, it doesn’t matter if you deal with your dentist, a supplier, your boss or your mother in-law. If you feel that being tardy is an acceptable practice, then you should at least be consistent.Lately, I have experienced many bad business practices from employees of companies when dealing with them on a business level. Granted, I was the supplier in that relationship but that shouldn’t really matter.Make no mistake, organizations have a DNA just like people do. If suppliers are not treated with respect, the likelihood that employees aren’t either is really high. There is no such thing as respect or integrity on a case by case basis.When companies allow their employees to be tardy, or not following up or ignoring commitments, in other words engaging in unprofessional behavior it will be part of the way that company does business.Leaders who have a high sense of integrity will always be on-time, they will always respect business ethics, they will lead with example and expect the samefrom their peers and employees.If leaders however over-promise, under-deliver, ignore deadlines and don’t walk their talk it will seep into the culture of that organization and it will become systemic.People buy from people and if you ever wonder why some companies are more successful than others, just look at the way that leaders of successful organizations conduct themselves as opposed to the ones who have issues with growth.I believe that people are either courteous, civil and respectful, or they are not. It doesn’t matter who you deal with, your manners should always be the same. Whether it’s your partner, your business associate or your intern.Also, the business world is smaller than you think. A person who is your supplier today, might be your boss at some point. You just never know……….

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