How Your Company Can Help Other Economies

Written By: James Ponds

When starting a new business or company you may not think about the other economies that you are going to impact. You will most likely be concerned about how your company is going to stand out or even stand up next to other competitors. You will also be thinking about company goals and how you want your company culture to work.

These are all extremely important things that you should be thinking about because you want your company to succeed and not just survive. Once you get a little more stable you can start thinking about the different companies that you use and how that impacts different economies.

Here are the 5 things you should be aware of when helping other economies:

Know Who You Impact

Before your company and business can be effective with other companies you are going to have to understand where your company fits into the big picture. Look at your industry first and see how you are doing, what other companies are doing and where you could make some positive changes .

Next you will take a look at the other economies and companies that you brush shoulders with as you do business. Do you stock the bathrooms and kitchen with certain paper products? What about the cleaning supplies and even food that you provide your employees? This is a great place to start and will show you where you can help others out.

Think of New Economies to Use

If your company is looking to change its company culture by adding snacks or catering food this is a good way to implement new businesses and companies. Your buying power will help different economies that you may not think about or use on a daily basis. If you want to make your reception area or office space a little more relaxing you can decorate or even diffuse essential oils.

Make a Plan

After you have done quite a bit of researching, meeting and discussing with other coworkers it is finally time to make a plan. This should be a plant that you can put into action and is attainable. You will want to have a large goal , such as find 5 different companies we can help or help 5 economies that we use regularly. Then you can have smaller goals that eventually lead up to the bigger goal. This can be over a matter of weeks while your larger goal is over the matter of years. Keep it simple and check how you are coming along regularly.

Be Aware

Your want your customers to do their research so they can make the best decision and you will want to too as a company when looking for other companies to interact with. Not all companies are the same. Take the essential oil industry for example. There are a lot of different companies who sell essential oils. But only certain companies such as doterra sourcing will be completely transparent about where they get their ingredients and their process. This allows you to know what kind of an impact their company has on that specific economy before you start buying from them.

Make Changes when Necessary

Your company will not stay the same over a long period of time. The products and services you offer may stay the same but the number of employees, location and even managers will change as time moves forward. This is not something to be afraid of but something to look forward to because it means your company will try different things out.

If your company decides to go paperless you are going to have to cut out paper and maybe downsize the number of printers that you have in the office. These changes can also help different economies and the environment when implemented correctly.

What kind of economies does your company interact with? Be sure to share this with a friend who works in your industry!