Influence Stems From Your Communication Style

The natural born salesperson realizes that influence stems from communication style.

A gentleman recently asked, “Do you write in first or third person?” It’s an easy answer for me as I was advised long ago by a writing authority.Long before a sales career was in consideration, my first official job out of college was to work in an advertising agency. Recognized brand accounts comprised the loyal clientele.One day, upon asking the owner of the agency how he was able to do so well, I received an unforgettable answer:“Writing is simple, but most people make it too difficult. Write as if you are sitting in your kitchen while enjoying a cup of coffee and speaking with a good friend. Your personal experiences and heart-to-heart conversations will always convert the best.”The answer to the gentleman’s question is, write in the first person with an authentic and empathic tone of voice. Most of all, convey you listen and provide your best to serve others. This communication style will build the bond and influence a loyal clientele.As my career advanced to sales, I came to recognize people most appreciated my personal stories, and I always shared them ahead of attempting business. My conversations included an admission of errors, humor, and desire to hear similar tales of theirs. Our appointments were enjoyable, and I was always invited back for more along with an invitation to meet the executives.Entrepreneurship was the next step in my evolving career cycle. Given my tales were so welcome by previous clientele, I provided more stories in my first book Nice Girls DO Get The Sale: Relationship Building That Gets Results. It was a frightening moment for me upon hitting the submit button for the publishing house. Most people would never dream of sharing the personal nightmarish stories coming from corporate sales.

For example, the stories include:

  • Stepping up to the humiliation of a celebration in honor of my numbers, for the men, at a lingerie fashion-show associated with a motel.
  • Going behind a Manager’s back to deliver a thoughtful notecard to prospective clients instead of a mandated boring letter
  • Being so frightened by a guard with guns that I threw candy bars at him while yelling ‘Happy Halloween!’
  • Using the Motherly approach of guilt after someone stood me up several times attempting to avoid the set appointments.
  • How I built relationships throughout corporations to earn a returning and referring clientele.
  • The book gained immediate attention to become an International Best-Seller and featured in TIME Magazine. Testimonials about my stories and communication style are consistent. Even so, the title put off much of the male population.

    Changing Times

    Old-fashioned diplomacy coupled with new age technology is the savviest strategy of all.Over time, our thinking changes. Customer buying habits and selling effectivelyalso adapt to new technology and thought.I patiently waited for the men to realize growing the bond with clientele is essential for improving sales results. After 13 years, relationship-building is now the ‘in topic.’ The light switch turned on!Nice Girls DO Get the Sale: Relationship Building That Gets Results has proven to be evergreen. For example, trending Hashtags on Twitter include #respect #kindness #mindsetiseverything.Men are now reading and recommending the book. It is to their advantage to learn what our gender does that they don’t so they may regain a competitive lead.I’m proud to announce and am grateful to Sourcebooks for recognizing and accommodating the need for ensuring copies remain available. In alignment with keeping up with the times, you may order either the Kindle version or your desired amount of printed copies on demand! Early in a career, most wonder how they will ever garner enough knowledge to be able to influence a decision in their favor. Should you be facing this dilemma, consider taking a public speaking class. The investment is well worthwhile. You will learn how to communicate and soon be seen as credible.Building a bond with prospective clients is no different from doing the same with new friends. Let others get to know you by allowing the conversation to flow naturally. Scripts never work because no two people are alike.Be yourself, be likable, and become the go-to source.Credibility and trust, the silent factors, are detected in your communication style and determine your level of influence.Related: Are You Current On Intelligent Outreach?

    Take time to consider if you:

  • Put the other person first
  • Hear out the stories of prospective clientele
  • Reveal past similar hurdles
  • Laugh together over the events
  • Together work out a beneficial plan for all
  • It’s easy to feel as if you are all alone in the field of sales. However, when it comes to growing a client base, it takes teamwork. The slogan, ‘all for one and one for all’ applies well. Operating with a collaborative frame of mind will have you naturally communicating with influence.

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  • Sales Tips for Communication Style and Influence

  • Put respect and thought of others first Inquire about past experiences
  • QLC – question, listen and clarify what you hear
  • Observe facial expressions and body language
  • Ask ‘do you have a question?’ when you see a shift occur
  • Answer every question before continuing the conversation
  • Request ideas on the prospect’s end for improvement
  • Together figure out how you may improve upon the idea
  • Continue with tweaks until you have a comprehensive solution you both like
  • Earn a returning and referring clientele
  • Celebrate Success!
  • Today’s guest blog is provided to help you achieve the Smooth Sale!