How To Innovate Your Business to Dominate Your Competition

Written by: Stan Mann | Results Producer Your spouse has decided to return to the workforce, so you must find a daycare center for your kids. All of them offer the same basic services and charge around the same price… except one. That "one" is 25% higher in price, but they offer additional services the others don't.For example, they offer beginner computer training for pre-schoolers, as well as beginner reading and math classes to give kids a head start before entering grade school. They offer a web-based surveillance system so parents can watch their kids during the day to insure they're receiving proper treatment.

Which daycare do you want your child to attend?

What you need to know…When you innovate your business, you automatically become "unique" in the marketplace. Your business now offers "extraordinary value" to its clients. Just like we need air and water to sustain life, for any business to truly succeed, it MUST become unique and offer extraordinary value.The key is to know and understand what parts of the business require innovating. Prospects buy what you sell because they "want" it. It's critical that every business owner know exactly what their prospects "want," and then massively innovate their business to give it to them… and do so in such a way that it's viewed by those prospects as "unique" and "extraordinary."

Why you need to know this…

Innovating your business is the quickest and surest way to dominate your market. It enables any business owner to separate their business from their competition, eliminate them in the minds of their prospects, and have their prospective clients say to themselves that they would be an absolute fool to buy from anyone else but them.Businesses that don't innovate look like, smell like and feel like every other competitor in their market. These are the businesses that are doomed to compete forever on price. They aren't unique, they offer no extraordinary value and therefore the only value they can offer their prospects is the lowest price.The cost to you if you fail to act… Do you want to spend the rest of your life competing on price? Do you know specifically what your prospects "want" from your business? Do you know the best areas of your business to innovate? Do you have any idea how to tell if your proposed innovations will produce a positive Return On Investment (ROI)? If you don't innovate, and are forced to forever compete on price, what will be the future costs to your business if that happens? How can you learn to develop these critical skills?The problem that most small business owners have is they don't understand how or what to innovate to increase their revenue and profits.We'll help you develop these skills quickly and easily through our E-Learning Marketing System™. In fact, we would be honored to share our expertise with you and to demonstrate our expertise.To take a Test Drive on our system visit Does Your Marketing Leave Prospects Wanting to Know More?