The Power of Associations for Financial Advisors

One of the 5 Elements of Proper Goal Setting is knowing who you associate with. Who you spend time with is something that you need to be conscious of. Finding like-minded people is not easy, especially in our game. What you want to do is be a member of a mastermind group. Every advisor needs to be involved in some level of masterminding.There are 2 paths to this. First, there’s the Group Coaching set-up, where there’s a group of people (not necessarily advisors) who share the same goals and are willing to criticize and be criticized, and a coach who will disseminate information and hold members accountable. Second, there’s the Mastermind Group set-up where it is more of a peer to peer accountability, peer to peer coaching, and peer-to peer conversations.Watch this video to learn more about what elements every advisor should be looking for in a mastermind group and the importance of finding the right group for you.

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