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Power: What You Can Do vs What Lights You Up

There's a big difference between what you CAN do, vs what lights you up.

There are a million things I could do to get business; podcast, tag every person on the planet, write white papers, post videos every day. The list is endless.But I'm not focused on just building a business, I'm working on crafting a life. To spend my energy and time doing things that aren't right for me or in alignment with my values, isn't moving me forward, it's moving away from my authentic self.If the foundation of hashtag # BraveLeadershipis authenticity, I can't really talk about it if I'm not living it.This isn't to say I don't do things I don't like to do. I do a lot of things that aren't sunshine and roses, but I choose them anyway. I'm not afraid to do hard things, but I choose the right hard things.Related: You Are More Powerful Than You KnowWhere there is choice there is power.I think anytime obligation comes into play, when we're doing things because "we should" or follow someone else's formula that doesn't fit, we ultimately lose. If we can't choose it, we can't bring our best.Invest your time in learning your own heart and discovering your own strengths. Explore what lights you up. Get clear on the impact you want to have. Do the right hard things. Choose powerfully.