Self-Reliance Is the Path for Companies to Have an Impact in Their Communities and the World

Whether you’re a big company with thousands or employees or a small company just getting your start, there are so many ways you can have a positive impact in your community and the world.

There isn’t a dream too big or too small if planned well and executed properly. You may be wondering what your company can do besides charitable donations—how do you make a lasting impact. One of the biggest answers to this is self-reliance and providing those in need with long-term solutions.

Connect with Your Employees

There’s no better place to start than right where you are. Employers may consider the healthcare benefits they provide to be enough, but options such as Employee Assistance Program, on-site counseling, and self-reliance and financial counseling provide benefits to your employees on a much more personal level. This creates a better environment and shows your employees that they are more than just a body.EAPs offer services to assist with the overall mental and emotional well-being of employees, connecting clients to services for substance abuse, grief, stress, and other resources.One of the greatest services you can offer anyone, especially your employees, is the skill of self-reliance. Some options to consider may be classes on managing finances, diet and nutrition resources, or navigating their healthcare and local health system.

Serve Your Local Community

Continuing in your local area is the best next step! We often forget how many people are struggling in our own local towns. More than 12 million children live in food-insecure homes according to No Kid Hungry, an organization dedicated to battling child hunger. Packing lunches for kids, providing employment counseling for parents, and even financial counseling to assist those in need to become reliant upon themselves. Offering scholarships to local students is another great option! Perhaps schools in your area are in need or supplies—consider sponsoring a school or a teacher in obtaining these supplies. Young Livingis a company that offers assistance to those in need by providing long-term solutions and promoting self-reliance, such as sponsoring students. Much like the parable that states if you give a man a fish, he has food for a day but if you teach him to fish, he has food for a lifetime. Providing skills relevant to those in your community is the best gift you can give.

Host Charitable Events

Hosting an eventsuch as a 5K for awareness and to raise funds for a specific cause is a great way to also connect with the community and build your presence. You may pick a cause specific to your local area, for example mental health resources which may be lacking in some communities. Or perhaps one of your employees suffers from a condition such as an autoimmune disease like Multiple Sclerosis or Lupus.Reach out to your employees and see what causes matter to them. You might be surprised to learn what both your employees and the community are struggling with. Consider that the CDC records 6 of 10 adults in the United States suffer from a chronic illness and 4 of 10 these adults suffer from 2 or more chronic illnesses. Raising awareness and raising funds for research is a great way to offer your support.

Travel to Make an Impact

Donations to foundations supporting third world countries and those in need are admirable, but an even more personal approach is to visit these places and communities as a company. This is a great team building activity, too! Employees can gather to help a community have access to safe drinking water or build long-term housing solutions for those who are homeless or living in poor, unsafe conditions.We all want to make a difference and as a company you have a bigger impact than you may realize. The above are just a few examples of how your company can make the world a better place. Research the local needs to your area and expand from there, ensuring that the assistance you provide offers long standing solutions and providing those in need the ability to not only provide for themselves but perhaps one day serve others as well.Related: Marketing Your Business Is Your Main Role as the Leader