Significant Doesn't Need To Be Extravagant

Remember this Christmastime doesn’t have to be extravagant to be significant.This week I read a great blog post by Samantha Russell from Twenty Over Ten about her son playing the part of the donkey in the Christmas story , and he was mentioning how other people seemed to think it was a little insignificant, yet to him, it was really important. The donkey was a crucial role in the story, and so while it might have just been a smaller detail in the story, it was an important point.Often around Christmas time, there is so much happening so focused on that particular day, that oftentimes we can get swept up in the swirl of activity, focused on that one day – and sometimes just getting through that day. [We can] really lose sight of what the season’s about and not use the time to actually reflect and take stock of how we’re feeling.One of the best ways I’ve found to do that is by listening to Christmas music, and obviously this is the season to do that. Hearing different Christmas songs has brought different ideas and different moods, frankly, to mind and to heart and made me take stock of some things. God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen has me thinking about taking time to rest. This day comes and goes so quickly, and we enter the New Year so fast, sometimes we can enter that pretty tired. In hearing that song a couple of times, it’s made me reflect on rest. Silent Night , again, is one of my favorites. That encourages me just to settle, just to find some quiet time which these days can be a challenge to do, whether it be family around the home or just habits that we’re into of always needing to be on. It’s made me reflect on just settling down and making some quiet time.Another one of my favorites is Snoopy’s Christmas , the song about the Red Baron. That, to me, is always a sign it’s Christmas time. It’s a funny song. I’m a big Snoopy fan. But again, it’s made me reflect on the fact that it’s about war and the fact that there are soldiers who don’t get to come home. They’re out there for me and for you. It makes me reflect on what’s going on in that song and really be thankful.That’s what I want to encourage you to do – between now and Christmas (the next several days) – take some time to stop and maybe listen to your favorite Christmas carol and listen to all the words. It forces you to slow down and to think.During this season when we’re encouraged to be mindful of other people especially, we can unwittingly get swept up into this whole Christmas rush. I want to encourage you to relax, slow down, listen from a song from start to finish and think through it. Contemplate about those things that you’re thankful for, about those people who you most appreciate, about just having that silent time in your day, in that hour when you reflect on the true meaning of Christmas. Take it to heart, take it to mind and really appreciate it.From my wife, Aliesha, who manages our office and does a great job putting these videos together, and our son Jack, who is our IT guy, and myself, on behalf of our operation here, I wanted to take this moment to wish you a very merry Christmas. Have a wonderful, restful, relaxing time. 2020 is right around the corner. It’ll be here. Let it come. For now, just take time to relish Christmas and really enjoy it for what it is. Merry Christmas!Related: Set Yourself Up For No Regrets