Success Is on the Other Side of Messy and Awkward

Are your current patterns of behavior getting you what you want? Want more money? Want faster career advancement? Want better health? Want more energy? Take a minute to get in touch with what you want that is currently eluding you. The success you seek is on the other side of the mess and awkwardness.

Are you on track or off track for getting what you want? Both success and failure leave clues.

Congratulations if you are on track. If, on the other hand, you are feeling off track you most likely are aware of being off track because of the pain or discomfort you are experiencing. The question becomes which pain is it? Is it the pain of discipline or the pain of regret?For many whom are experiencing the pain of regret, i.e., not having what they want is because they did not endure the pain of discipline in doing what was necessary to bring forth the desired goal. If a person in sales is experiencing the pain of not having enough money, there is good chance they did not endure the pain of making enough prospecting calls. If a person is suffering additional weight gain, it is most likely due to not being disciplined in exercising and watching what they ate on a regular basis. The pain of regret is a small price to pay in comparison of the pain of regret.

Be willing to be uncomfortable by bending the habits necessary to get what you want.

People that achieve and get what they want pay the price. They are willing to be uncomfortable for a while as they build the habits and disciplines that will carry them to the success they seek. As with anything, to get good at something it takes practice.Take a minute right now and write down a goal you want to achieve in the next 12 months. It can be to make more money, lose weight, or clean out the garage. Get clear on what it is and write it down. Now, put the pen in your other (less dominant) hand and write out the same goal. How does that feel? It’s going to feels awkward, uncomfortable, and perhaps hard to do. How does it look? Does it look like what you wrote with your dominant hand? Does it look even remotely like what you had envisioned in your mind and hoping your hand would write? Most likely not. However, would you be willing to be uncomfortable and practice writing that goal out for 30 minutes every day with your less dominant hand for a month to achieve the goal? Do you imagine it would get easier and the results would become more in alignment with the results of your dominant hand and what you imagine in your mind?Related: Fear Is Not Something to Be Feared, Make It Your AllyRelated: Our Genuine Power Is Generated From Our EnthusiasmBuilding a winning habit is no different. We have to be willing to experience the messiness, awkwardness, and even pain of doing something until we become proficient at it. However, once we get good at it, we don’t have to think about it or focus so much of our attention on it. We just do it because it becomes our habit. Through the repetition of writing over your life time you have become proficient with your dominant hand. It moves from our conscious awareness to our unconscious habit. You can shift the results you are getting in any area of your life to what you want through the same repetition of practice to build a habit.I would love to tell you all you have to do is write out your goal for 30 minutes for 30 days and it will happen. However, within each goal are the dictated actions and habits necessary to bring it about. What is the action you must do repetitively to impress upon the world so as to bring about the goal you desire?Is it making more prospecting calls? Is it exercising for 30-60 minutes? Is it 45 minutes of daily study to learn a new skill? Perhaps it’s having that difficult or critical conversation. Get clear on what it is for you and be willing to be messy and commit to doing it until it is no longer difficult or painful. As the pain dissipates you will find what fills up in its place is the goal you have been aspiring to achieve.Keep pressing on.Make it up, make it fun, and get it done!