Take in the Goodness in Your Life

Have you ever noticed how hard it can be to take in the emotional extremes?

When something really bad happens, I almost go a bit numb, which I guess is understandable as you're in a bit of a shock. But I also find that the same thing occurs when something really good happens. It can be so overwhelmingly wonderful that it's hard to feel. Hard to take in. While I have a hunger to let it soak into every cell, I find I almost deflect it, like I'm wearing emotional Gortex, and I'm starting to figure out why.Such was the case recently, when #BraveLeadership received the silver medal in the business and career category. It was hard to take in. I found myself emotionally drawing back from the experience, like pulling my hand from a flame.Harder still, was what followed. As someone who's not terribly comfortable with self-promotion, posting the picture of me at the event felt strange—a bit like I was talking about somebody else. Even now I fight to let it sink in.


Comfort-zones are strange things. Like invisible pet-fences, they aim to keep us safe but force us to play small. Even when we expand in ways that should, rationally, be good, our irrational emotions hold us back. While it makes absolutely no sense whatsoever to block opportunities, joy, excitement and love, how many of us have told ourselves, "I don't want to get too excited?" "I don't want to get my hopes up?" "I'm not special." "They're just being nice."

What is the price we pay?

How might it change things if we let the goodness in? If instead of deflecting or blocking or pretending it doesn't exist, we could take it in, like the super-fuel it is, and allow it to propel us beyond our comfort zones?If we allowed ourselves to feel excited about our possibilities, proud of who we are and what we've accomplished? If we allowed ourselves to feel truly feel loved?Imagine the impact that we could make.Today, I encourage you to bring awareness to the goodness in your life. Take it in. Let it expand your vision of yourself.