The Benefits of Changing Your Money Mindset

She believed she could so she did!

For most women the only thing holding them back from becoming financially savvy is their mindset. When you can transform the way you think about money you can transform the experience. Perhaps you share some of the most common issues expressed by women when asked why they are not fully engaged in their financial affairs.

Typically, when I’m talking with a woman I just met and she finds out that I’m a money coach, the next statement out of her mouth goes something like this,

“I’m too afraid to deal with money.” Or, “I let my husband handle all that.” Or, “Money’s just not that important to me.”

It truly saddens me when I hear comments like that.

When you really think about it….

Money is not meant to be feared. Money isn’t meant to create anxiety. Money is not meant to be a chore.

Your money can be a tool to create a life of purpose and meaning. This purpose should drive your money decisions. Especially as it relates to creating financial security for yourself, both now and in retirement.

When we are disconnected from our money, we lack clarity around its purpose in our lives. Without this clarity, more often than not, your money will feel scattered, disorganized and overwhelming, which creates emotional stress and anxiety around money.

So how do we begin to turn our relationship to money around for the better?

Change Your Money Mindset Exercise

On a blank piece of paper list on the left side all the words that describe your current attitude towards money (i.e.; boring, complicated, too time consuming).

Once you have written down every thought around money that comes to mind then on the right hand side of the page list the transformational word that reflects what you would like your experience to be like. For example:

Your Current Money Attitude Your Transformed Money Mindset

Boring Fun and Exciting

Complicated Clear and Organized

Time Consuming Important and Worthwhile

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If we can begin changing the way we think about money, we can transform the actual experience, allowing ourselves to grow and become more financially confident.

As a money coach who is passionate about her work, there is nothing more rewarding for me than to watch a client go from feeling clueless and insecure about her finances to feeling empowered and excited about her financial security.

Ladies, financial empowerment begins with changing your money mindset.