The Most Important Factor of Your Business

The single most important factor that will determine the success of your company (and you!) is the quality of the team you have in place to execute your vision and interact effectively (and successfully) with your buyers or customers – Period.An important business concept, it doesn’t get any simpler in terms of an area of your business that should demand the most of your time and focus. To modify a key phrase used in the 1992 Presidential election, “It’s the people stupid!”The key point that every business owner needs to understand is that no one is that good that they can pull their company over the finish line all by themselves. Related: Enhancing Trust and Credibility with Your Team You need to focus on finding and retaining the best people. Many of you try to go cheap and hire what I call “farm team players” hoping that they will eventually “deliver.” Most usually don’t.The benefits and rewards to your company from hiring “franchise players” who can contribute immediately far exceed any additional salary cost you would incur – for the short term. In fact, this incremental salary expense should not be looked at as a cost. Rather, it’s an investment in your business’ future. It’s the people, stupid!