The Pros and Cons of a ROWE Work Environment

Written by: Kevin Gardner


What are some pros of a ROWE environment (Results Only Work Environment)?

The first pro is time. This means that the employees will take fewer days for being sick so they won't be taking a lot of time off of work. This is because they will have the opportunity to work around illnesses, doctor's appointments, and other events that might be happening in the lives of the employees.

The second pro is happy employees. The employees of your company will be a lot healthier and happier at work. This is because they will not be dealing with a lot of stress at work.

The third pro is the environment. This type of work is very good for the environment. This means that the company will be saving a lot of money on their energy bills. But the employees will be cutting down on some of the expenses when it comes to commuting to work.

The fourth pro is the pace. The pace of the work that needs to be done will be a lot faster. This means that the employees will spend less time inside of the office. The fifth pro is satisfaction. All of the employees of the company will be a lot satisfied with their job. This means that the employee turnover will decrease.

Therefore, the hiring and on-boarding costs of the company will be greatly reduced. The sixth pro is the productivity. Since the company will be able to implement reports into this new type of work, it helps to increase the productivity of all of the employees. This is because the employees will know exactly what they are doing right and wrong with their job. Another benefit is the flexibility of meetings and the ability to book out new spaces. For example, your company might book San Francisco meeting rooms as a place to hold monthly meetings without holding them in a regular office.


The first con is the management. These types of workplaces can be very hard to manage . This is because it is a lot harder to communicate with the employees who are working remotely for the company. Plus these employees will have different schedules then the rest of the company.

The second con is behavior problems. There is a chance of some type of unethical behavior going on within the company. This is because the value of the company is only going to be based on the results that the employees are able to do and not how the employees are able to get the results that you are looking for.

The third con is discipline actions. Most of the time, the employees who are not able to self-discipline themselves will not be very motivated in this type of workplace. Therefore, there is a good chance that they might not be very successful in this workplace. Therefore, it is a good idea to get a feel of all of your employees before you decide if it would work for your company or not.

The fourth con is the success. As I stated before, there is a chance that the type of work environment is not going to work for your company. This is especially true if you have a retail or customer service type of company. This is because these types of companies will need to collaborate with each other on a regular basis. Therefore, it will be impossible to implement this type of work structure for your company .

Based on all of these pros and cons, there is a possibility that this type of work environment will give you the results that you are looking for. But you need to remember that it will not work for every company. Therefore, you will need to know all of your employees and the type of business that you have before you decide if it will work for you or not. If you have the ability to implement this type of work environment into your company, then it will work for the efficiency and productivity of the company, so that you will be a lot more successful.

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