The Three Things That Can Set Your Business Apart

One: You’re Different

Think of products like purses, bagels, donuts, coffee, cars, cell phones etc. Why do you buy one over the other? Are you loyal to one in particular? As a business owner, what value do you provide? What are the advantages of choosing you over competitors?

Two: You Reach Your Target Audience

Arguably, one of the most difficult tasks of launching a new product. Sure, you’re excited about what makes you “better,” but are you effectively informing people so they understand? If there’s an advancement in tech, but no one can explain or comprehend it, consumers won’t care. If you can’t make people see why they need the solution you’re providing or how your product/service is beneficial to them specifically, you’ve lost them.

Three: You Make People Care

Do enough customers care to change their behavior? Do you stand out enough to make them switch from the brand they know and trust? Your difference might be quality, innovation, price, environmentally friendly, or helps a social cause… but, it has to be impactful enough that people are moved to CHANGE. And that’s hard.What makes you different? What has made you change brand loyalty in the past?

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