The Two Key Pieces of Data Advisors Are Not Getting From Their Clients

Financial advisors all struggle to acquire more ideal clients.

This is the hardest part of being a financial professional, to get better clients. Or when I ask advisors for these two pieces of data from their best clients, most advisors either don’t have this information or never use the information. After all, advisors who are great at getting data rarely get this information. Financial advisors who are great at networking almost always get this data. What are the two pieces of data I am referring to? It is your ideal client's events and their network of professionals.

Favorable introductions are easier than referrals

Don’t get me wrong, referrals are better than favorable introductions, but what is the difference. I truly believe that your best clients will introduce you to everyone they know, but they may not refer you to anyone they know. So why start with referrals. Ask for favorable introductions, which is almost always a “yes” answer. Ask your ideal clients what I call the “golden question”. If I were to meet a group of successful ________ like you, where would I go to meet them? How would I find them and meet them? Find out about the events they go to. Knowing the events and activities that your best clients are involved in, is valuable data to know. You need to ask them about the events and about joining them at the events. This is where they will favorably introduce you. For example, I go to an event with a client and they introduce me as “ I would like you to meet Grant, my financial advisor”. In that simple sentence, you were just vetted by your client to a group of ideal people.


Imagine if you went to 12 events with your top 12 clients in the next year and they introduced you to people they know? Do you think you will meet and engage in a conversation with potential prospects? They know what you do, and they know you are their advisor, so there is no elevator pitch. The key is that you are vetted by your client by the introduction. Now imagine if your top 50 clients, you knew the events, charities, and activities they were involved in. Is this good data to have to meet more ideal people?

Their network of professionals

How do you find out about the client's network? Ask them this question. Do you know about our Network of professionals? Your client responds, “ no what is that?” We will work with your network of professionals, or you can tap into our handpicked network of professionals, to help you in all areas of your financial life including tax, estate, legal, real estate, (banking ( lending) and other areas….which we will COORDINATE for you. Would that be valuable to you? The collect the data on their network or offer people from your network. In your CRM system, have the contact fields to help your clients in other areas. Is this good data to have to meet more ideal centers of influence?Related: The Number One Challenge with Client Acquisition, and How to Solve It

Have a process

Practice management is all about processes. The most successful advisors have processes to get two valuable pieces of data from their best clients. This is the process of talking about events and the process of talking about their network or your network of professionals. If you would like to successfully implement more processes to get better data to find more ideal clients, contact us for a complimentary call on how to implement, and the words to say to your ideal clients.

Let’s talk

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