The Two Reasons Why People Hire Financial Advisors

Why Do You Get Hired?

I’ve got a question for you - Why do people hire you? Why should you be hired versus anybody else? And more importantly, why do you think people need advisors?

For most financial advisors, the answer to these questions would be in terms of all the things we do in our profession. There’s nothing wrong with that, but what we do as advisors is just a part of the recipe. These aren’t the main reasons why anyone should hire you as an advisor.

Advisors earn their money not when the economy is great but it’s really when the chips are down. And in this time of Covid, knowing your true value as an advisor will allow you to provide that much needed security and certainty to your clients.

Watch this video to learn the 2 main reasons why people hire financial advisors and why advisors need to spend more time on improving themselves based on these reasons and focus less on the deliverables.

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