The Two Relationship Bridges You Must Cross With Your Most Valuable Clients

There are 2 relationship bridges to cross with most of your clients that you may not even realize exist.

On this side of the first bridge you have clients who like and trust you enough to do some of their business with you. This may be quite a bit of business generating good money to serve these clients. On the other side of the bridge, however, is a relationship with those same clients where they trust you so much that they give you all of their business.In other words, they consolidate all of their assets with you and take action on all of your advice about everything they need to do to achieve their financial goals. That could be increasing their insurance coverage, buying an annuity, doing their estate planning, or any number of things that are good for them to do.What would be the increased revenue impact from crossing the bridge with your clients to the place where they do allof their business with you? Don’t believe the lie that financially successful people will always have more than one Advisor.

That’s just not true.

What is true is that most financially successfully people have not yet crossed that relationship bridge to be in the place where they trust one of their Advisors enough to do all of their business with them. You just want to make sure that you’re the Advisor who helps them across that bridge.Related: Should Veteran Advisors Work with the Millennial Generation as Clients?After you cross the first bridge there is still another relationship bridge to cross. On the other side of the next bridge is the place where they trust you enough to do all of their financial services business with you AND they introduce you to their friends, family, and colleagues. It makes sense, right? That level of trust has to be even higher for a person to risk their relationships by referring you.What would the financial impact be for you to cross those 2 bridges with your clients? What other ways would you benefit from clients who trust you enough to do all of their business with you and refer you to their friends, family, and colleagues? And how would it be better for the clients to simplify their financial lives by consolidating all of their financial affairs with the one Advisor they trust the most? The payoff for you is easily measured:
  • More revenue from planning and advice fees.
  • More revenue from AUM.
  • More revenue from other advice implemented.
  • More referrals, which means much less time and money invested in marketing.
  • How do you cross these 2 bridges? Download the Special Guidebook now!