Three Women Advisors Who Truly Inspire Us

Written by: Hannah Sharon | Spreadsheeto ‘Three women advisors who truly inspire us,’ holds importance for my family. My daughter is eight years old. When she grows up, she wants to become a financial advisor following in my footsteps. Unfortunately she often hears that the financial field is not for girls.My responsibility as a parent is to teach:
  • Everything is possible when you know what you want
  • Relentlessly pursue your goals.
  • Equality sometimes seems questionable. But pursuing our passions with determination brings about new possibilities. With perseverance, women can pursue professional careers in finance consulting or anything else they desire.Upon nearing our goals, many of us set new ones previously thought to be out of reach. Mindset and determination make the difference. One frequent distractor is the criticism we hear. Let’s teach the younger generation the better way for dealing with criticism. It is up to us to set the example for our children.Teach how to deal with negativity with elegance while doing what you love.

    The Stories of Three Women Who Truly Inspire Us:

    1. Suze Orman: The (Un)successful Restaurant Launch

    Suze Orman is one of the best examples of embracing devotion to her work. Her formal career began when she borrowed $52,000 from close friends to open up a restaurant.Instead of following her original plan, Orman saw an opportunity with the investment. Unfortunately, as a beginner dealing with finances, she lost every cent.“Giving up is not an option.”Orman never gave up on her ambition. She took and passed the needed financial training classes. The instruction was provided by the same investment group that previously emptied her pockets. With dedication, Orman rose to become a successful broker.Once experience was hers, Suze took charge as the Vice President of Investments with Prudential Securities. Today, she is one of the most influential businesswomen in the financial advising space. Suze writes bestseller books, hosts podcasts, and is a guest on night shows providing millions of viewers.

    2. Mellody Hobson: From Intern to Vice President

    Esquire, Ebony, The Wall Street Journal, Times – what is the common theme among these popular media channels? They all wrote about Mellody Hobson. She is a woman advisor who truly inspires us.Back in 1991, Mellody began her internship in Ariel Investments. No one could predict that in just a few years, she would become the Senior Vice President of Ariel Investments. Her career is nothing short of remarkable. Reaching Additional New Heights:
  • Director of the Starbucks Corporation
  • Former director of The Estée Lauder Companies
  • A contributor for CBS, ‘This Morning’ financial segment
  • Is it possible for Mellody to rise above these remarkable achievements? The highly successful television show, The Good Wife, used Mellody’s success as an inspiration for one of their characters! Mellody’s Secret for Success: Mellody does what she knows – and loves – to do.

    3. Rebecca Rothstein: Mom, wife, and America’s 2019 best woman advisor

    According to Forbes and Barron magazines, Rebecca Rothstein is one of the best financial advisors. She is also a loving mother of four children. And Rebecca is a living myth-buster concerning the incapacity of housewives to conduct business.Rebecca wasn’t able to get a high school degree. By the age of 17, she faced the need to feed herself. Numerous minor jobs were hers, including being a racehorse walker. Rebecca was finally able to transition to a financial career. She proved that a person doesn’t always need a higher education to advance. She certainly is one of the woman advisors who truly inspires us.Determination and perseverance will get you where you wish to be.According to past interviews, Rebecca makes at least 150 phone calls a day. Rebecca’s success secret: Maintain warm communication with all clients while using the personal approach.

    Summing Up Advisors Who Truly Inspire Us

    There are possibly thousands of inspirational and assertive women in the finance advisement field. It’s unfortunate that many fade into the background due to gender rivalry. Too often good talent is put on hold.Thankfully, a new day appears to be on the horizon. We are beginning to see a balance between the rise of male and female advisers.Susan, Mellody, and Rebecca have shown people from around the world that our gender does not have to determine our future. Who you will become depends solely upon your desire and fortitude. Ignore the negativity to make your mark.My daughter will mature knowing that she will be able to conquer the job of her dreams. My questions for you:
  • What about your children?
  • How do they see their future?
  • Are you setting the example you want them to have?
  • For continuing motivation, we should always seek out women advisors who truly inspire us. May future generations experience equal opportunities and pursue the careers of their choosing!