Turning Disappointment Into Success When Looking for the Right Job or Clientele

We have all been there. One day we are doing extraordinarily well, but suddenly, something goes wrong. We find ourselves in a tailspin. This is the point of no return. Whatever you choose to do next will determine your outcome.

My Story

As a salesperson, I am highly competitive with myself and am always trying to improve. @Riseboarders – seen on Twitter – ranks sales professionals for their online performance. You can bet, I take note!

For the most part, I usually rank in the 20’s out of 166 salespeople. And for a long while, I was okay with that. But…Last week, I didn’t even make the list – I was horrified! Fortunately, I knew where the problem resided. An association was discontinued and accordingly, their followers also withdrew support. In one week, I lost 200 followers. Ouch!

Corrected Action

To make up for lost time, I next spent focused time on rebuilding what was lost. The norm was not good enough, extra time was put into the extra effort.


Today I opened my Twitter account to learn that I ranked #5 out of 166 sales professionals. It was the best I ever ranked due to focused action. The next step, per the competitive me, is to aim for #1!

Your Story

Let’s consider how to work with disappointment whether recent or in the future. As long as you are prepared knowing how to deal with it, you will be able to get around it quickly and onto an improved path.

Examine the what and the why behind the disappointment to gather facts.

  • Did you have all the facts in place prior to moving forward?
  • Were you previously aware this might happen but ignored the signs?
  • What will you do differently in the future?
  • Moving Forward

    The most important point is to not waste time with self-pity. Examine the lessons learned. Usually, the more difficult the lesson, the better off we are in the end, provided we take swift action to make the required improvements. It’s possible help may be required.

    Once again, create an on-going task list for everything new that needs to be fixed as well as implemented. Check it off one by one to feel the sense of accomplishment. This becomes the motivator to keep moving in the improved direction. The funny part is, as you eventually look back, it will appear as if the hard lesson was a gift in disguise!


  • Forego self-pity.
  • Take swift action to remedy what isn’t working correctly.
  • Enlist the help needed to ensure the best job is done.
  • Confer with colleagues.
  • Budget for new required expenses.
  • Create a timeline for implementing new strategies.
  • Continue with an updated task list each day.
  • Seek out collaborative partners.
  • In the future, intuitively look for red flags to prevent unnecessary mishaps.
  • Stand firm to build a strong personal brand.