Two Secrets No One Tells You About How to Sell Anything

Written by: Sandeep Bansal | Silicon Biztech

How to sell anything, to anybody, and become a huge success at it...

I love strawberry shortcake, but when I go fishing, I bait my hook with worms...

I don't try to catch fish with what "I" like to eat, but what the fish are hungry for.

This is an example from the master of persuasion, Dale Carnegie, himself.

The idea is, you can sell anything to anybody if you help achieve what they want. 

But how do you help others achieve what they want?

In my life as an entrepreneur, I have learned that there are two important traits common among the best performing individuals.

1. They have an "absolute" mastery over one skill

The most successful and high performing individuals have honed in and perfected their core skill.

Whether it is writing sales copy, designing sales funnels, or editing videos, they have deep, and thorough, (and I don't just mean watching 9 YouTube videos and wrote 3 articles) knowledge of their core product + niche. 

Which means, whatever they are selling, and to whoever they are selling to, they have an absolute mastery over their craft.

This mastery is a direct result of:

  • Countless hours spent learning their skill
  • Even more hours implementing this skill in their actual work
  • Finding ways to improve their own work by finding mistakes, and then opening a feedback loop
  • Constantly learning and perfecting their skill, every day of the week, every week of the year, for several years in a row

2. They not only have an understanding but an unrelenting commitment to the fundamental principles of success.

Now, this is a broad subject, but I will talk about the most important principle here - That of Mindset

To be specific, adopting an entrepreneurial mindset.

Today, marketing touches every aspect of a business, and in order to be successful at selling, you have to think like an entrepreneur, which means wearing multiple hats, mastering multiple skills, and cultivating several habits over time. 

The marketer who internalizes this concept will any day beat “just another marketer” hands down, and twice on a Sunday. 

Marketing and Sales is the most powerful functional area of your business today. 

You can no longer hide how the sausage is made.  

So customers are wiser, smarter, and are demanding more from every engagement touch-point, including how you make the sausage.

The sooner a marketer realizes that they’re involved with every part of the business and need to influence everything from production to operations and service delivery and post-sales support, the better it is for the business.

Something as basic as an invoice is a marketing tool now, to communicate and engage with your customer, to give your brand a voice, and to communicate a brand message to the customer.

So pay attention to every one of the moving parts of the business to become a marketer that wins, every time, hands down.

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