Unusual Times Call for New Strategies

Successful selling depends upon the acceptance of varying thought and provides us greater clarity. But sales is one endeavor, what about all the rest? Growth in any career and for any business mandates that we strive for accepting varying thoughts.

Today’s environment requiring most to remain at home puts stress on most in a variety of ways. But should we attempt to embrace the opposite of our routine, we might alleviate some of the concerns.

Upon speaking with the Founder of a company in Amsterdam, I had fond memories of visiting the City and the countryside in the Spring. The colorful blooming tulips were magnificent. As we introduced ourselves and our work on a video call, the thought about a software company headquartered in Germany came to mind. An introduction between the two CEO’s was in the making.

I later messaged the two people about the wonder of technology. Although the three of us reside in different countries, and never previously met, technology enabled me to make the introduction. Being of an older generation, I remember when the possibility was not available to us.

Likewise, although travel is temporarily prohibited, we can transcend the restrictions by watching videos, visit select museums, and admire photographs online. Taking time to view these is an escape but can provide us with greater clarity. I find that by moving thought from concentrated work to admiring the beauty can remind us of what we want to do and provide clarity.

Similarly, music can do the same by putting us in a different frame of mind. A big smile was mine when I saw a post on Facebook about taking a song quiz. Ten multiple-choice questions concerning which group sang a particular song brought back fond memories. As I reminisced, I thought back to other song titles to realize that the folk music of the 60 speaks to difficult times. Bob Dylan provided the first two titles, and Joan Baez sang the last song.

The Eve of Destruction
The Times They Are A Changing
We Shall Overcome

While the first title sounds incredibly depressing, Dylan is the one who received a Nobel Prize for literature. Once again, times are a-changing. We can go into depression or choose to do something special with the extra time on our hands. I am doing my best to take in varying thoughts via reading, music, and traveling via the internet. Hopefully, clarity will arrive for what to do next.

An Excellent Example to Take Under Consideration

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Unusual times call for new strategies. I took Webtalk under serious consideration and found their mission and desire to do good in communities in alignment with my thinking. What differs is working as an entrepreneur versus within a community that gives back to other communities at large.

Varying Thought Provides Us Greater Clarity

Are you picking up the phone to remain in touch with people? Many feel isolated and are hunkering down, feeling sorry for themselves. A surprise call to prospects and clients may perk up someone’s mood. Sharing experiences and showing empathy goes miles for building trust and the relationship. By the time business returns to a new normal, they may seriously consider doing business with you.

Before you reach out to potential prospects and clients, get yourself into a good mood. Turn off the news if it gets you down. Instead, turn on the music that has you wanting to dance. The increase in energy will put a smile on your face. People need to hear the energy and enthusiasm in your voice to take time to listen and have a conversation.

In-between daily projects, consider what you enjoy doing most. Take a break and concentrate on something entirely different from the norm. No doubt, you will be in a better position returning to the have-to-dos after your break.

In the evening, recap what you did during the day that provokes new ideas to pursue. The titles of the songs listed above are relevant today. Chart out a new plan of action to advance your career. As time moves forward, you might surprise yourself with what you were able to achieve by considering varying thought and gaining greater clarity.

Sales Tips: Varying Thought Provides Us Greater Clarity

  1.  Take a reasonable time-out to relax each day
  2. Recognize what you enjoy most in your private time
  3. Decide if you can adapt parts of your hobby to your work
  4. Ask others how they are coping with their quiet time
  5. Explore additional subject matters to gain further clarity
  6. Speak with a variety of people
  7. Check in with clientele
  8. Entertain yourself with music
  9. Create a plan for your personal and business life for when isolation is over
  10. Celebrate Success!

Today’s Blog is provided to help you achieve the Smooth Sale! 

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