Using Video to Grow the Rapport Started in Face-To-Face Meetings

Just because your meeting is over, your facetime with your client doesn’t have to end.

You’ve had a great face-to-face meeting with a client in your office. You’ve been able to read their body language. They’ve heard you talk about ideas and steps they need to take. There’s been a rapport that’s been built that is super-important to this relationship, something you want to maintain and ensure continues, even when they leave your office. A great way to do that is through effective use of video, where they can both see and hear you, so you remain top of mind for them.To do that super-effectively, you can use Loom. Loom is a Chrome extension that allows you to film both video of you talking to-camera, as well as do a screen grab, showing something like an itemized list or maybe a map that you have produced for your clients right in front of them, that they have watched you do.A great way you can use this is to create a “to-do” list for them, with you screen grabbing that list, inserting a video of you talking to-camera and walking them through that list, item by item. You could send out a list of maybe four or five to-dos and each week send a new, updated video, via email, saying, “We spoke about this last week. Have you been able to do that? This is what we have coming up next week. This who I recommend you talk with, and these are the steps that you might hear from them. This is how we’re going to proceed to our third step.”

It’s a great way to stay top-of-mind with your client – have them see you and hear you.

So,Install Loom as an extension on your Chrome browser. Obviously make sure it’s fine with your compliance department first. 1. By installing the free version, you can get comfortable using it.Get comfortable doing screen grabs. Get comfortable showing a screen grab with you speaking in a video. Understand the various backgrounds you want to use when you are filming yourself. Does it work best in your office? Would it be better suited to using your boardroom, if you have one available? Play around with it and get comfortable using the technology. 2. After your client meeting is over, or when it’s just about finishing, let your client know they’re going to receive an email from you with a link that they can click on that will then show them this video.Have them understanding exactly what they’re going to see when they get home. Let them know, “By the end of today you’re going to receive an email from me. It will have a link that you can click on that will show you the summary of this meeting, our to-do lists we’ve discussed, and I’ll be right there walking you through, point by point.” 3. Note that if you can’t deliver on that and do it by the end of today, that’s fine; just let them know, “by the end of today,” or “by the end of this week.”Whatever it might be, make sure you do it.This is a great way to make sure your client keeps hearing you and seeing you long after the meeting’s finished so that they can take away some homework and make progress with you, while they’re on their own, so to speak.Related: How to Be Quickly Memorable