What Are You Reading and Are You Changing How You Operate?

Successful people continually work on changing the way they operate. Early on, I was taught not to work for money but the greater good. My selling style saw me asking for the client perspective first. The initial conversations propelled sales to a higher plane along with more significant transactions.

Reading, Listening and Observation teaches us the worst and the best for how to proceed.

In my youth, I repeatedly heard that ‘history repeats itself.’ It was difficult to comprehend why this might be. Digging into the classics, re-emphasize how not to behave, and many movies relay similar messaging.

When conducting business, the ‘not to’ is sometimes a more teachable experience than the ‘how to behave.’ Coupling the thought with a 7th-grade science teacher’s declaration that ‘survival of the fittest gives us life’ pave the way for being motivated and continually changing how we operate.

The information we take in, study, and attempt to make sense of will direct us on our journey. The motivation for changing behaviors alongside revising strategies determine the level of our success that lies ahead.

Our determined focus on constant improvement throughout our careers makes the difference. When we are willing, every daily experience can teach us lessons that others choose to ignore. And by doing so, you will gain a competitive edge.

Even better is to share our experiences with peers and those following in our footsteps. The bonus is connecting with people who share similar values and priorities.

It is with great fortune that the introduction was made to Kelli M. Williams, Publisher, Entrepreneur Platform Magazine (online). Williams is an award-winning sales professional turned entrepreneur in full swing with her newly launched magazine.

Read and download Entrepreneur Platform Magazine here: https://bit.ly/2sO2giM

Take a look and consider subscribing. You will read stories of hardships and success from experienced entrepreneurs willing to share their best. Half-way through the magazine, I’m proud to say that you will find my contribution.

The best way to advance quickly is learning from those who went before you.

Music Reflects On Behaviors

We each have different taste in music. Below are a few songs that motivated me through the years and made a difference in my selling outcomes.

R-E-S-P-E-C-T …and what it means to me; Aretha Franklin

Respect never goes out of style and serves to connect us with another.

Years after the song was recorded, frequent tweets are visible that state kindness and respect can make the difference in a person’s day. And a smile may make all the difference.

In the days of cold-calling to begin the sales process , it was respect paid to the guards and receptionists that made all the difference in my success.

The Gambler, Kenny Rogers.

“I've made a life out of reading people's faces…Don’t count your cards while sitting at the table…’

There are so many aspects of this song that apply to the selling process. You can tell much from facial expressions as people speak. It’s almost a looking glass into the soul.

People are surprised by questions I ask of them after hearing them out. Additionally, capturing their verbiage has them realizing that we listen better than most. And when we question what isn’t being said, they know we have a serious interest in their story. Nothing builds trust as well as sitting at the table while observing and listening.

Your Story About Changing How You Operate

Are you paying attention to reoccurring thought coming in waves? Frequently it is our intuition telling us what is next for the agenda. Sometimes ideas seem ridiculous upfront, but as you explore possibilities, the better approach becomes clear. When an idea is frequent, it’s best to pay attention and discuss the variances with trusted peers.

Are you the type where music or a walk in nature inspires creative thought? Wherever you find a free-flowing mindset is a place to visit habitually. Sometimes special activities do the same such as singing or dancing.

Keeping your mind stimulated becomes energizing and motivating to do more. Figure out if your subconscious is awakened by reading, listening to music or by another activity.

What have you always wished that you could do but can’t find the time? Perhaps you can revise the vision by turning it into baby steps for moving forward. Think about daily habits and what might be holding you back.

Last, make it a habit of seeking out one new idea or strategy every single day. You will be amazed by the results you see at year-end.

Consider a class or a mentor to help guide you forward. Should you be staying awake at night worrying about how to move forward, one excellent resource is LinktoExpert http://www.linktoexpert.com/

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Loyalty is first owed to yourself. Before you can optimally give to another, figure out what holds the most interest for you. Once you know and move toward your vision, you will be in position to help others.

“Believe, Become, Empower.”

Sales Tips for Changing How You Operate
  • Read something related to your vision every day
  • Attempt one new idea each day
  • Every evening review how well the strategy worked
  • Revise each idea if it appears to be good or toss for the next
  • Listen to your intuition
  • Find quiet time on a weekly basis to contemplate new moves
  • Recognize the people who inspire and motivate; connect with more of the same
  • Establish partnerships or collaborative efforts with those who share similar values
  • Freely give introductions and graciously accept
  • Celebrate Success!