What Big Companies Look For in Job Applicants

Getting your dream job in a big company can seem impossible at times. After all, you may be competing with hundreds or thousands of applicants. In fact, employers often skim or ignore many of their submissions. You need a way to stand out and ensure your resume and cover letter are read. That is why you need to know what employees look for in job applications. This will help you adjust your submission accordingly.

Relevant Resume

One website interviewed 73 hiring managers from different companies. They were asked for the top three things they look at when reviewing applications. Unsurprisingly, the two top responses were the CV and the cover letter. However, managers at larger companies do not have time to go through all the resumes they receive. That is why many of them use an automated screening service.All the submitted resumes go into a large database. The recruiter or hiring manager will then search the database for keywords relevant to the specific job. The resumes that come up in the search results are then skimmed to see if the applicant should be considered.If you do not have the proper keywords on your resume, the manager may never even look at it. That is why you need to adjust your resume for each application. Make sure to include the skills and experience that are related to the job. You may even want to include some of the specific terminologymentioned in the job posting.

Strong Cover Letter

Cover letters can be a pain to write. It is all too easy to just type a generic summation of your resume and call it a day. Yet employers want a cover letter that complements rather than copies the resume. While the resume should focus on your past accomplishments, the cover letter should state why you are a good fit for the job. Once again, the letter should be adjusted based on the specific job description.You may also try to convey your personality within the cover letter. Obviously, you should keep things fairly formal. However, you can look at Glassdoor or other similar websites to see what type of culture the company has. You should also do some research to find out what the business values. You can then use your cover letter to show how you would bring these qualities to the office.Of course, different employers need different things. Yet most companies are looking for individuals with problem-solving skills, grit and agility. These are thus good traits to emphasize on your application.

Good Grades

Employers will check resumes to make sure applicants have the required degrees or certifications. They will also look to see just how well you did in your required classes. Twenty-nine percent of the 73 hiring managers in the aforementioned survey listed grades as one of the top factors they consider on applications.If you have a good GPA, feel free to mention it on your application. You should also list the highest degree you obtained, whether it is a bachelors in English or a masters in electrical engineering. The school itself is less important.

No Errors

Employers want workers who pay attention to the details. Managers believe that if you can't even be bothered to spell words correctly on your application, you probably will have similar lapses on the job.Of the 73 hiring managers asked to name the three things they look for in an application, 25 percent listed correct spelling. Poor grammar can be a deal-breaker, as well. Be sure to read over your resume and cover letter several times before submitting your application. If you are worried about your language skills, have a friend or relative proofread the documents.Even if you focus on these aspects of your application, there is no guarantee you will get the job. Still, submitting a relevant cover letter and resume, emphasizing your grades and proofreading your work will get you noticed by potential employers. They may then keep you in mind when another position becomes open.