When Financial Advisors Should (and Shouldn't) Give Value

You’ve heard internet “experts” talk about giving value before doing business with someone. Following their advice might kill your business.

You can absolutely give value before you work with someone, but if you do it the wrong way (and at the wrong time), it sends your prospects to your competition and bankrupt you in the long-term.In this episode, you’ll hear exactly how and when to give value (and when not to) so you can attract the clients you want and build a business you love.Related: This Seductive Mistake Can Bankrupt Financial AdvisorsShow highlights include:
  • How to make yourself implement all the business-boosting information you consume. (3:20)
  • What separates smart financial advisors (who get rich) from those who stay poor. (4:25)
  • Why you don’t need a webinar or other fancy marketing systems to run a successful business. (5:45)
  • The biggest mindset mistake financial advisors make in their marketing (you can stop all your marketing if you don’t correct this). (8:30)
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