Why Women Will Thrive In The Post-Pandemic World

With every challenge in life there comes a silver lining and women are loving the benefits of the post-pandemic shift. After months of shelter in place, the masks are off. Everyone has been forced to shed the polish revealing their true selves, dark roots and overgrown hair, little to no makeup, kids bombing zoom calls, dogs barking and cat’s owning keyboards. 

This pandemic has forced an authenticity like never before.

It’s become an equalizer leveling the playing field eliminating race, gender, color, status even wealth. Just as we have all become more humbled sharing our true selves so must our approach to growing a business and attracting more clients. 

The fate of the old school approach to prospecting, selling and closing has been sealed. The financial business model must share in this new authenticity. It’s no longer about impressing, boasting, and chest-bumping. In its place is a more feminine approach to doing business one that highlights relationships, inspiring, and motivating clients. 

A fresh authentic business approach placing trust as the highest priority has been born out of this pandemic. 

For most women (and a handful of amazing men) this is a natural shift and LONG overdue. Understanding how to work with women, how to engage them on their terms, meeting them where they are will help you make the shift from promoting yourself to presenting your authentic self which builds trust at an accelerated pace.  

Had we not been forced to “shelter in place” we may never have made this shift to a more humbled and authentic life. Yet, there is nothing forcing a shift in the way business will be done therefore it will require more intentional effort to replace the former testosterone-based training and infuse a more female-focused process. 

This shift can’t just be a gimmick, a ploy incorporating a few “tricks of the trade”. It requires a refresh of every aspect of your business incorporating softer changes that will create lasting impressions and more positive outcomes. 

Transparency must take on a broader meaning. You are no longer confined to fees and commissions. Your transparency must shift to your character, values and true nature as a person first. Being able to share why you do what you do will become the foundation of every aspect of your business process and experience. 

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