Women Financial Advisors Have Two Options for Growing a Thriving Business

Finally, women financial advisors today have two options for growing a thriving business. The challenge is deciding which option is best for you?

Option 1

The Old School Model: Originally designed by men to help men attract men with money. The old school model focuses on three key skill sets; prospecting, selling, and closing. Self-promotion is the key marketing strategy and tends to highlight the advisor’s expertise, brilliance, experience, and status (large egos is a plus). 

Option 2

The femXadvisor Model: Developed by women and designed around women’s natural strengths. The femXadvisor model focuses on three skill sets; building relationships, inspiring, and motivating. Authenticity and sincerity are the marketing foundations highlighting the advisor’s ability to listen, understand while providing solutions and clarity (strong principles a plus). 

When forced to adapt to a model and business process that does not align with your character and style, everything takes more energy and feels harder.

As a result, finding new clients is a painstaking experience often leaving you feeling less than capable. 

While you love what you do and serving your clients energizes you, finding new business continues to be a challenge that you must constantly overcome. You struggle to find a way to articulate what you do and your value without feeling arrogant or pushy. 

On the other hand when you find a process and approach to growing your business that emphasizes your natural strengths, everything shifts and feels effortless. Your desire to empower others fuels your activities. Your passion for what you do radiates from your being. Growing your business feels more like a mission, fueled by your desire to make a difference in the lives of others. Business growth is no longer a competition driven by the numbers it becomes a magnetic source that attracts more interest and business naturally. 

Every financial advisor brings a unique set of skills, strengths, and abilities to their business. Your job as an financial advisor is to embrace the business model that best suits who you are as a person, a woman, and an advisor. This one decision can make the difference between building a good business or an extraordinary business, and the choice is yours. 

You are invited to take our new femXadvisor quiz

We realize the femXadvisor model is not right for everyone.  Since 2004 we have learned that most of the women who embrace the femXadvisor model all share the following three qualities:

  • They are self-driven and unwilling to sacrifice their ethics for success. 
  • They don’t like to be told what to do but are highly coachable once they believe.
  • They know there is a better way to grow their business; they just can’t find that path.

Our purpose is simply to provide you with options. This quiz will give you a better understanding as to which model better fits your nature and whether it’s time for a change. 

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