Your Unique Business Tripod Contributes To Future Success

You may be curious about the ‘what is’ and ‘how’ a unique business tripod contributes to future success. We frequently hear about the importance of taking care of our mind, body, and spirit. Without good overall health, it’s challenging to get much done, let alone achieve new accomplishments.

The business tripod consists of our belief, vision, and flexible plan.

As we move forward with a positive mental outlook that we can succeed, we are to visualize the new and continually plan for future success. The planning can become a giant puzzle with an occasional missing piece. How we cope with fixing our dilemma creates our unique business tripod that contributes to future success.

Believe you can and you will.

My sales career taught me to respond to requests promptly and actively work on my approach to business development. But after a while, a break is necessary. Exercise, a walk into nature, or a brief getaway all work wonders for me. I feel re-energized. The exciting piece for me is that by being away, I usually return with more creative ideas.

By momentarily freeing our minds, we give room for fresh thought.

This past weekend, I had the opportunity to visit New York and enjoy unique aspects of the city. Curiously, once I landed at Penn Station, my phone stopped working. Activity on social media came to a halt. The good news is I was able to enjoy my surroundings fully.

Our perspective toward life affects how we view and approach business. There is so much to see and do in New York, that each day, I walked many miles with companions enjoying the sites. To my surprise and amusement. I realized that I connect with this city’s humor. Names of companies are smart. Humorous signs are everywhere, from windows to sidewalk displays attracting additional customers. The connection for me is, injecting humor into business conversations is my unique style for business development.

Without distraction, and by concentrating on the new surroundings, I was fully engaged in all respects. The walking and climbing of stairs far surpassed my usual limits, and we enjoyed delicious cuisine not available in our area. The curious ending to this tale is upon returning home; my phone began to work again. I now see the disconnect as a gift in disguise. But I do plan to have the phone checked.

By allowing myself to briefly focus on mind, body, and spirit instead of business, I was able to make room for new thoughts. The new ideas give way to how success may appear in the future.

Salespeople are always under pressure to make quota, and entrepreneurs feel stress for remaining in business. We have so much to accomplish that it seems there aren’t enough hours in the day. Should you be at this point in your career, consider this challenge:

Take a break from work to enjoy nature or a new area for enjoyment

Be in the moment by taking in everything in your new surroundings

Take note of everything that catches your attention

Consider why you find the attention-grabbing experiences so special

Answer how you can incorporate the unique experiences into your endeavors

As new ideas come to mind, so does the recognition of the need for a flexible plan in place. Most know that not everything works to expectations and that modifications are next. Sometimes deletion of the idea is inevitable. By incorporating flexibility into your plan, you are far more likely to discover what works best. The substitution of strategy is a crucial element for enjoying success.

Another avenue to consider as you contemplate change is that of forming a group of peers you trust and who hold similar values. Together you can provide each other additional ideas along with the motivation to keep moving forward. The momentum continues the excitement of your work in the mix.

At the same time, while using social media, read what others post. Take the time also to understand the messaging of competitors and that of new technology. Further ideas may come to mind. Adapt them to your unique way of thinking so that everything aligns with your brand.

Likewise, others will be watching you build the business. The signal for future success is in others asking you to join forces. These are the people you admire and believe to be further ahead of you. Agreeing to work together will have you seeing future success sooner than initially thought possible.

Sales Tips: Your Unique Business Tripod 

Become comfortable with change

Motivate yourself to continue to learn

Observe what others in your field are doing

Improve upon what you see and experience

Create a mastermind group

Challenge peers and have them do the same for you

Commit to exercise and alone time throughout the week

Be aware of recurring ideas and then take action

Monitor the outcome of new strategies for revision

Celebrate Success!

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