Imagine a world where we respected our time: What's your enough?

What if we shifted our focus to the most precious resource we have? And no, it's not money. Money comes and money goes, and it's the choices we make about how much we think we need and how much we spend. No matter how much money you have or think you need, the only thing money can't buy you is more time.

Imagine a world where we respected our time as much as we did money. Time is so precious that every year we celebrate our birthdays with joy and love. And often, presents. But as we get older, there is a generation of people who are starting to value experiences more than gifts. We have been numbing ourselves with stuff as a way to compensate ourselves with the latest trendy clothing, accessory, gadget or whatever we think will make us happy. But more and more people are finding that they want to de-clutter their lives. Simplicity is become more appealing as a way of life.

The only certainty we have in life is that one day we will die. Everyone dies. Some people live to a ripe old age and others vanish from our lives way too early. It's only a question of when and not a "what if" scenario. There is nothing else in our life that is as certain as death. And until we come face to face with its dark reality, we live our lives according to the big plan, whatever we choose it to be. So why do we worry more about money than how we spend our lives; that precious time we have? According to Lynne Twist in The Soul of Money , "When you let go of trying to get more of what you don't really need, it frees up oceans of energy to make a difference with what you have."

So think about this one question that I have been spending a lot of time thinking about, which is absolutely freeing: "What is my enough?"

When it comes to work, your personal life, your relationships, and most importantly, your precious time, what is your enough? How much money do you really need to live a full life the way you want to and now what the media dictates to us? What is it that you need to help you achieve your purpose? And when is enough really enough?

When you realize what your enough is instead of pursuing someone else's purpose or dream, you will let out a great big sigh. When you realize the people who are judging you and seem together actually don't have their shit together, you will laugh or cry. You will realize that you get to write the rules for how you want to spend your time and life. And if you are lucky enough to know how to make the shifts to have a simpler life and live your enough, you will use time as a way to make important choices of how you get to work, live and play.

So, do you know what's your enough? What is it that you need to live your purpose fully? I bet when you truly invest the time in yourself to answer this question and use your own success metrics, as you define success, you will make different choices about who you spend time with and what's truly important in your life. The gift will be that you will know how to stop numbing yourself with stuff that only money can buy and spend your time wisely living fully.

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