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Behind Every Shaper, There's a Hero

Are you a hashtag # Shaper or a hashtag # Hero ?

What’s a Shaper? On a grand scale think Jobs, Gates, Musk, Buffett. Independent thinkers who don’t let problems stand in the way of shaping an organization. Creative and practical, assertive and open-minded. Intolerant of people who don’t drive excellence. Their passion can make them seem abrasive. They’re visionary, practical, determined. They’re not people pleasers and won’t compromise when it waters down their vision.Whenever there’s a Shaper[1], there’s usually a Hero behind the scenes. What’s a Hero? People like JFK who was asked, “How’d you become a war hero?” “It was easy,” he said, “They sank my boat.” So, encountering opportunity for courage. But then you must act. As Churchill said, “Fear is a reaction. Courage is a decision.” Who was Jobs’ Hero? Clearly Steve Wozniak. He paved the way for Jobs. Moore for Noyce. Sandberg for Zuckerberg. Munger for Buffet. Usually, there are multiple Heroes for each Shaper.

Who are Heroes for you?

People you trust, people who know you, people you can’t bullshit, who will stand up to you, encourage you when you’re tentative. But also people who work behind the scenes to influence the direction of the ship, maybe smooth the edges when you are abrasive.

All Shapers need Heroes.

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