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Boomers Can Still Teach Millennials a Thing or Two


Boomers Can Still Teach Millennials a Thing or Two

There are thousands of talented Boomers retiring every day. Why let all that wisdom drift away?

Here are three ways you can easily tap into Boomer talent:

  1. Bring in “retired” business leaders to brainstorm how to solve a business problem and/or generate potential solutions.
  2. Assign Boomer coaches to Millenials on the fast track.
  3. Create a Boomer advisory board to stay on target with any messaging focused on Boomers.

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This is called leaning in. It’s creating new relationships and opportunities that can help shape the future.

It’s about forging strong bonds across generations—where each generation learns from one other.

And it’s about staying relevant for the Boomer generation to capture their continuing economic power.

Do you find your business in a position where it could use a boost? Perhaps tapping in to some Boomer wisdom would do just the trick. 

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