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How to Make Flexwork More Expensive


How to Make Flexwork More Expensive

Some flexibility requires entrepreneurs today. The rapidly changing society creates a turbulent playing field with peaks and falls. These wave movements often make you the best, from an efficiency point of view, with a flexible shell. One of the useful features of flexworkers, which, however, should not change slowly in the way of leaving workers. These are the flex workers with which the FNV now puts the heels in the sand. At that point, I was in 2013 when I wrote an article about the utility of reducing labor costs. The goal does not sanctify the resources for a future-proof labor market.

FNV’s call is loud and clear: make flex workers more expensive. Among other things, on the website of Flexnieuws and in the AD, news reports were published about the threatening messages of the trade union. Does the government not hear Then there are actions, if we can believe FNV President Han Busker. Busker considers it important to reduce labor costs. This will make fixed employees cheaper and thus more attractive to employers. Busker adds strength by advocating the use of minimum rates for ZZPs in certain sectors.

Rights versus risks

The eternal battle: employee rights versus risk reduction for entrepreneurs. It almost seems to be the employers against the workers, while the best end result does not result from duel but from interaction. The power of synergy is unmistakable, also in a labor market system.

There is nothing wrong with a degree of flexibility in working capacity. You can fill in these with zzp’ers, temporary workers and secondment. A healthy flexible shell means that you can easily scale up and re-spring. But let’s not break through, flex should put you in the way it’s meant. Ultimately, everyone gets better Employees, employers and society.

Sustainable labor ecosystem

A sustainable labor market ecosystem is created when you can create high involvement. This means that the mutual wedge between permanent employees and the flexible shell will disappear through a healthy division of labor and development opportunities.

Reduce financial risks to entrepreneurs, give solid employees more ground and develop an inspiring HR policy for flex workers.

And yes, equilibrium means that at the bottom of the line, flex workers become more expensive. Rightly so Making yourself available as a flexible worker must be an entrepreneurial choice, not a forced necessity.

In order to stop this discussion, disruption is needed in the labor market. So get that basic income!

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