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Innovation Is Not Just Technology, It’s People!


Innovation Is Not Just Technology, It’s People!

People ask “What’s your favorite innovation?” thinking I’ll mention exciting ideas like NextMind’s mind reader or Uber’s flying cars — or maybe an emerging technology like crypto, AI, autonomous.

Honestly, it’s not a technology, it’s people. And history is rife with examples of real-life innovators who loved breaking paradigms. Case in point — 56 years ago, two innovators met on stage: Mr. Ed Sullivan and the Beatles.

Ed’s show brought Americans together every Sunday night for more than two decades(!) allowing rule-breaking innovators like Elvis, the Stones and Carol Burnett to enter our consciousness. Was Ed Sullivan the cool, handsome host that charmed everyone with his wit? Hardly. But that’s not a prerequisite for innovation. What he had was an eye for talent, organizational aptitude, a finger on the pulse of the country — and the willingness to experiment.

Then there were the Beatles who paved the way for the real break out of rock and roll. The list of their innovations is well known — dance-rock, backwards guitar solos, pudding drums, long-form music videos, album covers, rooftop performances, the list goes on.  But, like Mr. Sullivan, maybe most importantly, the willingness, the courage to experiment. Sound like a theme for innovators? I think so.

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