The Robotics Evolution: What Will Work Look like in the Future?

Automation and roboticscreate great opportunities, but Human Resources (HR) needs to engage in a much more active conversation within their own organisation.It is not interesting to see automation as a cost issue, rather focus on improving your service and customer experience. In a Dutch article I elaborate on the fact that practically no one is actively asking what work will look like and which skills sets will be important for employees.Related: Digital Transformation and the Role of Automation in Data IntegrationOrganisations should proactively approach people with this line of questioning. Line management is opportunistic, and especially concerned with the short-term result. It is crucial for HR to take the lead in the ‘future of work’ discussion.
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  • This Dutch article was published in the magazine HR Strategie as a result of my keynote speaker session at the [email protected] event. Not familiar with the Dutch language? Contact me for a chat!