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3 Proven Ways to Catapult Your Career out of the Herd


3 Proven Ways to Catapult Your Career out of the Herd

Simplify your career planning efforts to these three actions.

1. Develop your 24-month career game plan

The position(s) you want to have; the organization(s) you would like to target; the influencers in each organization you need to develop a relationship with. 

“In 24 months I intend to be Director of Sales with ABC Company.” will provide the focus you need to get you going. You will soon know if it the right objective; modify as you learn on the go.

2. Create your personal ONLY statement

Your competitive value proposition that sets you apart from others. 

Stop talking about your credentials; start talking about what you do that no one else does. 

“I am the only one out there that has the combination of sales and operations experience required to take the sales function to a different level in ANY organization.” will earn you the right to have a conversation about how you stand-out from the herd not fit into it.

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3. Gather mentors who can help you achieve your game plan goals.

You can’t do it alone. 

You need a platform of advice that is relevant to your 24-month plan. Read voraciously to discover friends who can help you with the content they create. 

If you covet a marketing position, read and engage with Seth Godin and add him to your resume’.

These 3 actions work. I used them.

Give them a try.

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