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3 Ways to Get More Real Estate Seller Leads


Written by: Barry White

Working with real estate seller leads provides a lot of benefits to those who are in real estate business such as they have more control of their time, they can work with more clients at a time, they will have the capacity to represent both sides at a time, and many more. Here are top 3 ways to get more seller leads. These 3 principles are tested, highly convenient and truly trusted:

Go After For Sale by Owner (FSBO) Listings

Studies show that over 90% of sellers that wanted to sell their properties are unable to complete the transaction for so many reasons, such as overpricing, poor marketing, limited resources, and the combination of inexperience.

It is not easy to sell a home- in fact, it could be an extirpating experience especially when you are not well grounded in real estate. Thus, the best thing you should do right away is to search for FSBO listings and get in touch with them perhaps for a free consultation session. This will help you to seal the deal in a professional manner.

Search for leads on Facebook

Facebook offers users the opportunity to search for places, people, and things directly from their profile page. From the top of your Facebook profile, you can actually look for locations and keywords in the search box. Try to take advantage of this. For example, if you type specific keywords from your location such as moving, house hunting or packing, you may be surprised to see people within your network who may qualify as great seller leads.

One of the biggest advantages of Facebook advertising is that it gives you the privilege of targeting your ad viewers more than other advertising agencies. Facebook advertising is fun, unique, interesting, and highly convenient. It gives you the privilege of specifying people who live in a certain location, city or zip code or who have a specific family status.

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If you hear in the news that a company is relocating their headquarters out of your city or location, that means they may be selling their former property. Do a research and find out if this is true, and if it is, then do Facebook ads that will appear only to the people within your location. This will help you to communicate with those that reply- those who reply are more likely to need the property. Such are the people you should connect because they have a need right now.

Start an email newsletter

Starting an email newsletter is one of the fastest and innovative ways to get more seller leads. It will help you to generate a good lead; you will be staying in touch with your prospects, rather than feeding them with a lot of information. In your weekly or monthly newsletter, try to be providing your prospects, bits of information they can use at their leisure.

A good email newsletter should contain a preview of houses on the market, videos of the location or city where the property is located, an interesting article why the buyer should go ahead to make the purchase, what is working and probably what is not working.

If you really want to get fancy, it would be better to create different versions of the newsletter to serve the needs of different leads all in one newsletter. This will help you to give information for smaller homes that want to downsize, bigger homes for growing families, starter homes for younger families. You can put all the stories in one newsletter, but specify they are for each sub-group.

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