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Are You a Leader Who Lights Fires?


Are You a Leader Who Lights Fires?

What does it take to be a remarkable leader; one who stands apart from the rest; who attracts attention and admiration for not just what they achieve but HOW they achieve it?

The emotional ingredient to brilliant leadership often goes missing-in-action when the pundits and other leadership “experts” describe the skills and competencies inherent in “the great ones”.

The emphasis seems to be on the cognitive capability of the leader rather than the raw feelings element of the leader’s make up.

Memorable leaders “light fires” in every theatre they find themselves; fires that generate excitement for each audience member by igniting their passion and stimulating their emotions.

They stimulate interest in their company through the power of their persona. Because of the rich images they create though their communication skills, people have a natural affinity to their organization; it is viewed as a natural extension of the leader.

“Fire lighting leaders” intentionally appeal to the right brain in their audience; they PLAN to trigger an emotional response from people and “hook” them.

Their sense of humour is infectious; drawing people close to them and gaining their trust.

Because of the sheer energy they exude, this leader attracts the best and brightest with a value proposition for their organization too compelling for most career-seekers to ignore.

People are attracted to them and what their organization stands for.

With every audience, they raise eyebrows over where their organization is going and how they plan to get there.

They have the unbeatable combination of both a mesmerizing vision for their team and a way to “sell” it that makes it impossible for individuals on the career hunt to look away.

They attract the “emotionally strong” person who identifies with the leader and their modus operandi. And candidates that are attracted typically have off the chart “AQ’s” – achievement quotients – who loyally serve and enhance the performance of the organization. They are keepers.

My advice to any leader looking to make their mark and standout from the leader herd is to make the commitment to appeal to the feelings and emotions of people; that’s where the loyalty and active support emanates.

But if you want to play the “Supreme Commander” card as a leader and rest on your intellect, logic and academic pedigree to drive your success you will be sorrily disappointed.

You may ultimately be a “floating apex” – at the top of the organization with no one below who cares about what you do and who is willing to “go to war” with you to achieve your lofty goals.

Feelings are lit with fires; fires compel people to act.

Go light fires.

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