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How to Discover Genius Inventors at Their Early Stage


Written By: Ella Thuiner | Swiss Banking Advisory

There is a large, creative composition of upcoming innovations outside the world of financial institutions that are waiting to be discovered. How do we know when we encounter a great inventor?

There are numerous innovative solutions outside the world of finance which need our attention in order that they can be adopted or supported in the realization stage. A good way of discovering innovators is to offer them a platform and an audience that is looking for innovators. In London as well as in Zurich, the market for inventions and innovators is booming. We all like to work with them and get inspired by new ideas. I think that, although most of them are special and have a lot of potential for success in the financial markets, not all of them are visible and the question is how do we discover them at an early stage?

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Innovators are like artists, constantly looking to challenge the ordinary world. Here are 12 signs that can help us to discover them:

1. They have a hobby that is different from their profession, which is costly and does not generate any income.

2. They have not worked as a specialist in their whole life. An innovator has worked in many areas that are not related to one another.

3. Friends of innovators tend to have backgrounds that are different to their profession and culture.

4. An innovator embraces change and is a master of coping with discontinuities.

5. They tend to be good listeners and curious, always interested in expanding their existing world.

6. They are permanently questioning the state of affairs and can sometimes be annoying to the world around them.

7. An innovator does not always have the commercial aspects in mind and is open-minded to find business-minded partners in order to make a living of their creativity.

8. Most of the innovators have a strong relationship to art and culture which enables them to escape to a world of creativity and learn from others how to think outside-of-the-box.

9. An innovator has a passion for sports or dance.

10. Innovators like to debate with experts from diverse backgrounds.

11. They value mindfulness to cultivate calmness and reduce human biases for their outside-of-the-box journey. This is probably the reason why creative work is considered like meditation for some of them.

12. They are strong, native and therefore trustworthy.

Source: The above article is based on my extensive research for the book “Banks of the Future” . . .

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