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If You’re in the Herd, This Is the Only Way Out


If You're in the Herd, This Is the Only Way Out

If you’re not DiFFERENT you’re dead (or soon will be). 

Simply stating the facts. 

Where is Nortel? Blockbuster? Radio Shack? Blackberry? Woolworth?

They have either gone out of business or are in the process of going there. They are victims of irrelevance. 

They stopped creating value that their customers viewed as unique.

They fell into the herd and became bland and indistinguishable.

Too many organizations think that “being number 1”, “the top” or “the best” is the way to survive in a world where hungry competitors attack.


Aspirations and helium-filled competitive claims just don’t cut it.

People want to know why SPECIFICALLY why they should do business with you and not your competitors. 

The ONLY Statement is your ONLY defence to separate yourself from others who are wallowing in comparatives – we’re better than – or superlatives – we’re the best – to try and gain appeal.

The ONLY Statement is binary: you either ARE or ARE NOT what you claim. It can be seen; it can be measured. 

But it doesn’t have to be achieved overnight. In fact it can be a lifelong journey of progress.  Get it 50-60% right, start executing and learn as you go what you need to do to make it “more true”. 

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The point is to begin changing behaviours in your organization towards your claim of uniqueness NOW.

“We are the ONLY team that provides safety solutions that go beyond what customers ask to help build their business.”

THIS you can explain in clear granular terms. 

No helium in this balloon.

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