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This Is Why Sometimes I Really Hate Salespeople

If you think about it, competencies in any craft are distributed in binomial fashion.

At the far right are those precious few individuals who excel, while the crowd hugs the middle of the distribution curve and bulges around the vertical or y-axis.Then there are those who linger at the far left of the curve. These are the people who are in a role but don’t display the skills or attitude necessary to satisfactorily practise their craft.And you see it in every industry and in every discipline, be it a medical practitioner who lacks empathy and a caring bedside manner or a landscaper who fails to remove their grass cuttings and debris after they have completed their work.But the profession that really annoys me when I am confronted by a “left winger” is sales; those individuals who profess to be salespeople but lack the human fundamentals to back their claim.They leave a bad taste in my mouth because I have such respect for people who practise the art with perfection. And they, unfortunately, reinforce the stereotypical view of “sleazy” sales held by many.

These 6 things people to the far left practise that really p*** me off.

They grin me

The big grin that masks how they really feel. It’s false, phoney, plastic, superficial and painted on.It’s the bait to lure you in; to grease the skids for them to push their wares at you. These phoneys obviously went to grin school where the focus was on how to display a perfect grin while at the same time hiding their indifference.I hate the grin because I have seen it at least a million times and know what’s coming. It’s disgusting and I can’t believe how they get away with it.Lesson: if you see the grin, run.

They don’t listen

Lefties want to consume the airwaves with their words not yours. I honestly think these people have an insecurity issue because they don’t seem to be comfortable in a conversation unless they are transmitting rather than listening.I hate this type of sales behaviour because they have zero ability to understand what your needs are when words are spewing from their mouths in abundance.And I have no idea where they have learned that it’s acceptable; certainly not from any credible salesteaching source I know.Lesson: shout back and leave.

They don’t care

The extreme left represent the epitome of narcissism; their energy is all about them and no one else. With such an inward focus how can they care about anyone else? They can’t.Getting their own needs met consumes them; they have nothing left to give to others — even if it occurred to them that such an act was demonstrative of appropriate sales behaviour.Lesson: Stop them in this mode. Put your hand up with your palm facing them and say “Stop! It’s about me!”

They intrude in my space

It’s kinda like an incoming mortar attack. You try to protect yourself and you just want to be left alone, but here them come with their intent to beat you up with their agenda. It’s a barrage of words and (what they think) are clever one-liners to get a conversation started.They don’t trust that you will stop and engage them in a conversation, so they try to impose themselves to start one. This slippery slope tactic from left learners never works and is always unpleasant for me. I hate it.They show no respect for me; they really don’t care about what’s on my mind at the time. All they want to do is intervene on my reality at the time and push their narrative.As I’m motoring past a sales rep on the beach path, he launches his words in an attempt to grab me: “Hey how long have you owned at the Marriott? Want to look at a better option at the Hyatt?Lesson: Don’t stop; don’t answer; keep your feet moving.Related: Successful People Win by Being the Hungriest

They malign their competitors

Salespeople on the left constantly berate their competitors. The only way they know to communicate their value proposition is to discredit the opposition. And it shows they really don’t understand the competitive strategy of their organization. Rather than advocate an element of value they offer — service level, product features, warrantee — they talk about what is wrong with what their competitors offer.This approach is so egregiously inappropriate, it proves that the salesperson doesn’t know their left from their right. I hate it.Lesson: ask what THEY offer and why is is better than what their competitors offer.

They make me feel stupid

“What’s the matter (with you)? Don’t you want to save money?” I’ve actually had numerous lefties blurt this at me when I have pushed back on what they were trying to sell me.This is their version of trying to find a cost effective solution that more than meets your needs. But it puts you down; like you are incapable of appreciating a deal. Rubbish. I hate it.Lesson: Suggest they learn some manners and walk.

End of rant

There you have it. 6 traits of salespeople who occupy the extreme left of the normal distribution curve. They don’t deserve to be in the profession.So why do we hire people like this? I suspect it’s because besides being the antithesis of what respectable sales is, they’re clever like a laser raptor.