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Volatility: Yes. Corrections: Yes. Repeat of 2008: No.


Volatility: Yes. Corrections: Yes. Repeat of 2008: No.

How to protect yourself

Financial journalist, radio broadcaster, and book author, Al Emid, today released the first in a series of financial reports. “I wrote The Emid Report on Volatility 2019: What It Is, Why It Happens and What You Can Do To Protect Your Money because stock market volatility continues to foment a mix of misunderstanding and dread: misunderstanding of the market, and dread of what might transpire according to the pessimists who forecast a replay of the disaster of 2008-2009,” Al Emid, the report author, says.

Emid’s Report cuts through the noise surrounding the impact of macro-economic factors. “Although investing always involves difficult decisions, 2019 looks like it will be among the most difficult, as the volatility we experienced during the latter part of 2018 will carry over for at least the first three quarters of 2019. The good news is that a full-blown recession and complete meltdown like we saw in 2008 appears unlikely for at least another year, maybe even more,” Emid adds.

The concepts discussed in The Emid Report on Volatility deal with our pocketbooks and our ability to look after ourselves, our dependents (whether children or elders), our investments, and our retirement. The report itself provides a clear picture of the impact of volatility in recent times, and currently, and where we are headed as 2019 unfolds. And outlines strategies that are available to most individuals looking to insulate themselves from the uncertainty yet to come. Some of these tactics apply directly to the holdings in our investment portfolios and others apply to our approach to investing.

The Emid Report on Volatility also looks at sources of help, including licensed financial advisors. It also identifies specific elements, such as high-flying stocks with unreasonable valuations, and cryptocurrencies, as these vehicles directly add to volatility in our investment portfolios.

Emid plans to turn his attention to a variety of related topics, including Dealing with the Pink Slip and Retirement, in subsequent financial reports. A podcast is also in the works. Emid next plans to focus a new series of Emid Reports, including Doing Business in the Middle East. Starting with the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait and Bahrain, each of these reports will explore what is currently transpiring in a specific Middle Eastern country, how Emid sees the business environment changing over time, and what that means for investment opportunities. These Reports will be available in the fall of 2019.

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