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Whatever You Have the Good Fortune to Possess, Share It With Others


Whatever You Have the Good Fortune to Possess, Share It With Others

Have you seen a bully on the path?

Sharing is an act our parents – especially our Mom – tried to teach us at a very early age.

“Whatever you have the good fortune to possess, share it with others” echoed throughout our youth and became indelibly etched in opur minds as we became adults.

Well, maybe some people didn’t get the message. 

We’ve all seen the results of road rage when people aren’t willing to share the road. Or the accidents created on the mountain when skiers and snowboarders don’t recognize each other’s rights on the hill.

Or the rudeness and discourtesy that occurs constantly when people walk on a common path; a simple walkway designed for two people walking abreast or a crowd walking in single file. 

Surely sharing behaviour is practised on this informal thoroughfare.

Not a chance. 

You see, runners expect to own the right of way and bump the walkers out of frustration that their rhythm is interrupted. Jocks out displaying their testosterone physique are quick to nudge path incumbents out of their way in an effort to be seen. 

And tribes of friends and families consume all available space on the path and its shoulders, leave the walking occupants to execute an avoidance manoeuvre to remain in an upright position. 

I used to think that anti-sharing was explained by the “only child” syndrome; after all, if one had no siblings contending for a precious resource, there would be no incentive to respect the desires of another. 

But alas it’s simply not the case.

The utter disregard of others’ rights to a common asset runs rampant in our society today by all people regardless of who they are and how they got here.

And nothing seems to stem the tide. The individual’s charter of rights doesn’t provide incentive. Religious doctrine is ignored. Common courtesy and respect are shunned.

This is not an issue that will be resolved overnight. It’s like culture; change doesn’t come easy but can be achieved through baby steps. And it begins by individuals willing to start the process.

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What if each one of us decided in this moment to be part of the sharing revolution by getting personally involved?

Decide NOW to giveway to someone else on the path just once. It doesn’t cost anything and the upside potential is tremendous. 

See how it feels and then try it again. Perhaps your action will be returned; perhaps it won’t. The point is if you personally take affirmative sharing action you have done your part to hopefully see the beginning of change.

Some organizations are already advancing their sharing activities and realizing the benefits of doing it. Many of them share their revenues and employees with the communities where they do business. And the investment is rewarded by loyal customers and competitive advantage.

Maybe, just maybe, the inch of sharing you give will be the tipping point to create a difference.

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