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What’s Next for Investors in 2019


Written by: Tracy Ann Miller | Third Seven Advisors

In 1982 I moved to Dallas, Texas from Oklahoma City after Penn Square Bank failed that year due to poorly written energy related loans. That failure was personal for me and my family as we were in the energy business and had to move to find employment and recover. But the thing I remember most when I got to Dallas was the incredibly forward looking area called Las Colinas, Texas! We moved to a home in the area, secured new jobs and started new careers. What does that have to do with 2019? It’s all about IoT and AI. It’s the future.

When I first saw Las Colinas, what struck me was the monorail, bold as Dallas, sitting up on a track that went nowhere at the time, but was going to go downtown and the airport and other worthy destinations. The future was here, it was now and it was exciting in spite of how we ended up in Dallas. However, due to economic tradewinds the monorail never went anywhere which was consistent with the entire southwest and, for that matter, the entire country. But the idea of a bold, technology driven future is in our hearts and minds and as we live to start this new year it is the one thing that will drive investment related decisions in 2019#2019 the most in my opinion.

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Whether we like it or not, AI is becoming a part of everything and is everywhere. The IoT is AI in practice. Everything will have a “chip” in it and everything will be connected, creating and using data in ways we are both exited by and afraid of. As investors, we will have to be bold yet nimble in decisions to embrace new companies and technologies, and in the realization that some of the old ways of doing things may not last through this revolution.

Cambridge, UK-based foundational technology company ARM, commissioned research firm Northstar to survey 2,000 global consumers. They asked experts in technology and the future how IoT and IT will affect 2019 and beyond. “The predictions span IoT within intelligent homes, personalized delivery, healthcare, as well as smart cities and buildings. Technology adoption is widespread and pervasive and adoption of smart technology is growing. Two out of three (66 percent) of survey respondents said that technology had become ‘more a part of my life’ in 2018. Only three percent said it was ‘less important’ than a year ago. ”

Search “Internet of Things” to learn more. You will find that the future is everywhere and the future is now. Investment decisions for this year will be made accordingly.

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