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The Word-of-Mouth Marketing Risk


Written by: Kevin Adams | ReferralSafe

For my financial advisor and influencer friends. Referrals are word-of-mouth marketing. We all love them, right? So where’s the risk?

When someone refers you, the words coming from the client or influencer are not yours. You are almost always elsewhere, so the risk is “confusion.”

Clients & influencers sometimes are unsure:

  1. If you want referrals
  2. Who you prefer to help
  3. How to easily explain what you do

What’s the answer? Share a memorable story with clients and influencers highlighting what you’d like to sell more of and who to. And discuss the referral process. You can communicate this in three or four sentences. Keep it easy & repeatable.

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Bonus: Add a sentence to your memorable story sharing why being a financial advisor fuels your passion.

With reduced risk, you’ll see more introductions and better referrals.

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