It's Time for Each of Us to Tear Down and Rebuild

We are very good at changing the structure of our educational systems like, for example, changing when kids go to school. But we are not that great at adjusting the purpose of education to integrate kids into a different world where they have a voice and matter. Pioneers like Michael Strong are conscious leaders who don't just talk but bring significant change to the lives of those he touc hes. While Michael's story is in my book with his thoughts on education and life, since then he is launching a new school in San Francisco, a high school for teens who want to excel on their own terms. He also has some job openings.

We need to rethink the conditioning that evolves us. It comes from people who designed structures that no longer serve the vast majority of us. We have been taught to trust people who are untrustworthy, and to give our power away to a system that forces us to learn survival skills and compete with each other for resources and self-worth. You may think we are insane for bringing this up, but it is time for more of us to tear down what is no longer working for us, and rebuild.

Think about it, there is an entire industry out there right now making money teaching us how to be human -- how to have empathy, how to be vulnerable, how to care for ourselves, and not enough people trying to heal the vast divisions that exist with compassion, empathy and self-awareness of how to shift our mindsets and see the opportunities we have. We live in a time where we increasingly need to question where our food and products come from, and whether they are healthy or unhealthy. It's an opportunity to make better choices for ourselves, our children, our neighbor's children, and every living being on our planet.

We have to make a conscious choice not to feed on the fear that is being served to us every day on our collective menu, and realize there are other ways. Ways we never even imagined possible.

This past year, I trusted people who were untrustworthy, and it made me more humble and more convinced that it is time to rebuild. And to be open to more self-trust of my intuition. You see, I too was taught to trust others first. And these life lessons have taught me compassion, forgiveness, and a deep desire to heal not only myself but to find ways to build structures that lift ourselves up. There is no reason to perpetuate the win-lose model that surrounds us. I, for one, am taking these beautiful lessons, so I can play my part in building a healthier and saner world that I want to be a part of. I am not playing the blame game that our society is infected with. It serves no one, especially me. I see the opportunities and embrace them. People I can trust are showing up, and many were already here, eaiting for me to weed my garden.

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Take your time, learn what you cane here to learn, and when you are ready, and only when you are ready, think about what you need to tear down, the weeds growing in your garden that no longer serve you, so you can plant, water and nurture purposeful structures so they, and you, can blossom. And be gentle, kind and loving with yourself. We need you whole and open to the vast opportunities that are here, right now.

This was the year of reclaiming my voice and power for me. What were your biggest lessons, and what does your intuition tell you as you continue on your path of pausing and learning?

To sing of peace, we start with learning to stop warring within ourselves, and find that inner peace that is available to those who choose to embrace it. It is always a choice. Talk and philosophy is no longer enough. It is time to really do our work for ourselves, and each other. There is no reason to be stuck in blame, outrage or hurt. It serves no one, especially you. Let's see what is possible when we put put our swords down, as my dear friend Arlene counselled me last November, and celebrate the gift of life.