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Life is for the Living


Understanding which people, food, thoughts and beliefs are healthy is key.

Consuming toxic people, food, thoughts and beliefs in your mind, body and spirit will make you sick.

Ask yourself,  who and what is healthy for me, and who and what is unhealthy for me?

No guru or mystic need apply.

No saviours or fixers, please. No one wants to be fixed or saved.

Whole people with whole intentions and intuition need apply for a life of experiences and adventures. Redefine old world concepts that do not apply taken from an antiquated belief that there is a universal manual for all of us. Calling bullshit on Bullshit. Recognizing that no one knows, and that no one has your answers. That is why you are here — to tap into your questions and experience life.

No blame. No drama. No victims. No villains. New stories are emerging for those who are ready to jump off the pages of the manual, which no longer serves you. You are living them through trial and error, understanding that here on spaceship earth, you are here to learn and grow because you are nature. You don’t need to go out to nature. You understand how powerful you truly are by being connected to life. Survival is no longer drilled into you and suffering is optional.

Life offers so many options and paths.

And yes, there are also many twists and turns along the way as you decide which one is for you, and which isn’t. But imagine, for a moment, what is possible when you focus on how to become the best you can be.

Lifting yourself and others up.

Unity, not conformity.

Harmony, not division and separation.

There is a new story emerging for you, for me, and every living being on this beautiful planet of ours.

Healthy or unhealthy is the question accompanying this new wave of life and play (aka work) …

Healthy days … are available when you can look fear and worry in the eyes, and smile, knowing there is nothing or no one holding you back, apart from you.

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Creating healthy systems that shift from the current restrictive win-lose scenarios of our times to win-win is not for the feint of heart. When you are ready to jump off the pages of the manual and broken models, you will be free to do what you came here to do: Create with others who want to build healthy systems rather than apply Band-Aid solutions to old decaying systems.

Everything is here to be discovered. There is nothing new under the sun.

Take your time to reflect and join those who are ready to create and construct the new world where we thrive. There is no one else apart from each of us.

When you realize there is no one else apart from you, and band together with purpose, you can create new paths for a healthier world.

Actions, not words. It’s time to connect deeply and create like never before.

Life is for the living.

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