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The Power is Within When You Let Go


Life is one big playground to learn.

But no one teaches us how to truly play, and as we ‘grow up,’ we start learning how to play the ultimate game of societal life.

And if we had to be honest, many of us would simply walk away from the silly constructs of success, where we measure up to someone else’s best practices. Never really feeling good enough, beautiful enough, smart enough, and ironically, never really knowing our enough.

There are many self-proclaimed mystics and gurus whispering they have the secrets. They will gladly take your money and curiosity, and feed on your pain. They will give you three steps to success and teach you to smile, despite it all. And when you get close to them, you can see the illusion and delusion they create by claiming they can save your soul. They downplay the ego, and focus on your shadow by bringing Carl Jung back to their game.

But what they don’t tell you is that having a healthy ego helps you navigate the path. Being in nature won’t save your soul, but knowing you are part of nature will help you become aware of your internal power and what health really means. Being able to bring all your fragmented pieces can light up your flame, and help you shed what no longer serves you, like limited beliefs or giving your power away.

The power is within you.

Some people will claim to have your answers but how could they, when sometimes you are not aware of what your question is, outside the hamster wheel of societal success.

Often, we find ourselves unconsciously giving our power away to others we may think know more. It is always a trap when the other does not really know you and has a set of generic prescriptions they hand out to those willing to ingest them.

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And sometimes you will find yourself at work or in certain situations where others make promises they cannot deliver. And while their words may say one thing, their actions do all the talking. And it is up to you to decide what to listen to.

You may feel stuck in a situation that went south and feel hopeless. And that is ok. To feel. And to feel deeply. No one is you. It is your experience to have with all of its ugliness, bitterness and disappointment. All these emotions are part of life. It’s a matter of what story you want to follow or create.

And one of the biggest lessons to learn is about power. It is important to know when you give your power away, and why? Do you truly believe someone else has your answers? Is the expert standing in front of the room, or are your heart and mind ready to be listened to?

Think deeply about what you were taught to believe. When you can start asking yourself, where this belief system was created, you will be able to let go and tap into your own power source.

There is beauty in the question, and letting go of what and who no longer serve us, to make space for grace.

“Close some doors today,” writes novelist Paulo Coelho. “Not because of pride, incapacity, or arrogance, but simply because they lead you nowhere.”

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