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Take a Minute … What Do You Want to Create in Your Beautiful Life?


Take a Minute … What Do You Want to Create in Your Beautiful Life?

It’s time for each of us to master mind in new and ancient ways.

There are people going about their lives quietly every day doing what they feel they are supposed to be doing to survive and take care of their responsibilities. And then there are others who want to quit their jobs, since they feel stuck. They feel trapped in a system that does not support them. But all of us need to pay our bills, and our bills depend on how many people we support and how much we consume.

We are taught to be ambitious and aim for the sky. Many chase desires as a way to fulfill our dreams. But who put our dreams in us? Who said that a happy life means getting the best education at the best schools and our job was to attract money, power, and prestige to win? What are we actually winning? Do you know anymore what your prize is?

A friend yesterday sent me a Youtube video of a young man asking if there is hope for humanity and his main point in the video was how our obsession with technology is not only ruining our lives but our collective society. He went on and on about the evils of all this technology, blaming the technology. And here, he was getting his message out on Youtube. Technology is not evil. We can use it for good or bad. Business likewise can be used for good or bad. If someone put a plate of arsenic in front of someone and told them to consume it, do they not have a choice, and say no, I will not poison myself? And it goes beyond food consumption to thoughts and people we choose to put in our lives, just like the amount of television programming and technology use. Think about it, do we really need a technology detox or another type of detox to free our minds?

The key here is how self-aware we each are. It is easy to blame others for everything that is wrong in the world, and not see its natural beauty and what we can be doing to make our lives full and beautiful.

They say lead, follow or get out of the way. I’ve heard that mantra my entire life.

I would say, wake up to your bold and beautiful voice, and see that change can only come from within, not from the top and not from the outside. We cannot keep blaming and adding layers on top of a broken system. We need pioneering thinkers in our world to unite and come together. We need to think of how we take the beautiful parts of what exists and rebuild since the foundation is here. It has always been here. We just need to open our eyes, minds and hearts to truly see and make the rational impossible possible.

It takes guts, intuition, dedication and spirit to build. We have seen over and over the result of mob mentalities and history repeating itself. We keep having the same conversations with the same people about how hard it is to break through, but what if there is another way?

What if we put down our limiting beliefs within a system that tells us to have goals throughout our lives? What if we want to stop achieving all the time and ticking items off our long to-do lists and bucket lists? What if we did not feel rushed by our fear that we are still not what we want to be? What if we could be satisfied? What if we did not want something else that would be better, more beautiful, richer than we are at present?

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What if we spent time with other pioneers imagining what is beyond the horizon instead of feeling trapped by systems and walls that are caving in on us? What if instead of creating Youtube videos blaming technology for our current state or blaming business for poisoning our water, or working us so hard, we did something?

What if we brought a few conscious people together and started a dialogue about something we are passionate about like preventing suicide among teens by listening to what teens today need rather than studying the statistics or trends, or how we can lift and support veterans, or what systems do we ourselves need to support ourselves? That is what I am working on right now, really hard, finding and connecting with people willing to do the work in co-creating new and ancient platforms to bring back the lost art of dialogue that leads to action.Why? Because we need it ourselves.

My book is out there with many questions for people to explore about how we have this amazing opportunity right now to co-create with unlikely partners, to rebuild business by respecting people and having much needed conversations about what work really means in the 21st century.

It asks questions like, what if we stopped building and leading with structures and brought back our genuine ability to connect human-to-human and create meaningful experiences? What if we found our voice and connected it to purposeful creation?

Mastermind groups have been fantastic in bringing people together to achieve goals. But what if we put goals down for a minute and started to bring us together to create the impossible, because the possible already exists? What if goals do not lead us to happiness and fulfillment anymore, what then are we master-minding?

We are here on this precious earth for a limited time. What do you want to create in your beautiful life? What do you want to weave? Do you want to fight or do you want to build?

It would be so beautiful to hear your true voice emerge so it can connect with others who understand that it is up to each of us as an architect of humanity to come forth, when you are ready to see what is right in front of each of us.

I asked an ivy league professor and researcher how they would build a new system as they are dissatisfied with the current one, and the lack of funding available for conscious 21st century research. They are still thinking of their answer. It starts by not having all the answers but remembering and respecting what the question really is.

Nature does not rush, and neither should you.

Pursuing goals keep us trapped within the system. When we can thank technology for allowing us to connect and share our messages, we can start creating. We are the architects and can create different blueprints, and decide whether we want to poison ourselves, or not. No blaming required. What is possible may seem impossible but what else is there?

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