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What if Women Were in Charge?


A fresh coat of pink paint on government buildings and fighter jets that fire lip gloss? An end to war? Even if your reaction isn’t as specific (or ridiculous) as any of those, whenever this question is asked, the honest reactions tend to be that of overwhelming fear or celebration. But what if, there were a more reasonable response we could all have? What if, exploring this question wasn’t as crazy or terrifying as some might initially suspect? What if, in asking this question, we–men and women–could uncover some insights a lot less about “being in charge” and a lot more about all of usimproving forward?

A quick Google search of the question “What if Women were in charge?” renders many funny pictures of pink Swiss army knives complete with tubes of lipstick and automobile consoles adorned with cosmetic products. In many respects it seems that people find the prospect of women in charge more of a superficial joke than a reality. In her What If…? presentation, examining how public policy might be different if women called the shots, Dr. Brown challenges audience members to not only imagine a world led by women but also to see it as a positive and welcome possibility.

Cinnamon Brown is an Assistant Professor of History at Westminster College. She received her B.S. from the University of West Alabama and her Masters and Ph.D. from the University of Tennessee. Although her research focuses on territorial New Orleans, she loves to teach classes in a variety of areas such as women and African Americans. Her interests in these subjects have inspired some of her favorite courses including Scandalous Women in American History and American Slavery.

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