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When It’s Time to Walk Away


People often tell you how to walk toward something or someone; how to attract what you desire into your life; or that you can manifest anything, even a Tesla in your driveway.

The Internet is exploding with tips, YouTube videos and new age gurus spewing love and light, wherever you go. I’ve had people, who call themselves Empaths, tell me with certainty, what would happen in my life. Only to find out, when I stopped to listen, how broken their lives were.

Much has been quoted and written about Carl Jung and facing your darkness. And if you Google, the dark night of the soul, you could spend weeks and months reading all that is available for you to consume. But most of these people really do not know you and what you makes you tick.

The irony is that most of us have not invested in truly knowing ourselves. And isn’t time to not only know what to walk toward but also what and who to walk away from?

Making space in your closet may be important. But making space in your life can provide many benefits. You are taught about completion, achievement and success. And it is drilled in you from an early age to aspire to become someone. The goal is greatness in every realm that is introduced into your physical reality. Celebrity and fame are not only are current currencies but also our sad addictions. When you have a photo with a well-known person and you post it online, others want to share in your success of having that moment. The number of likes will spike like wildfire and so will some jealousy in others who wish that moment was captured with them. They too want to be successful.

But what if you put yourself in the shoes of that celebrity, who is a human with insecurities just like anyone else, who may be thinking about how much she wants to finish with tonight’s photo bombs, so she can have a cup of tea and stop listening to all the nonsense around her. Sure, the fame was initially intoxicating but now, she misses her privacy and the comfort of a few close souls to just be herself with. Everyone loves who she portrays on the screen or the stage, and believes they know her, but few know the real her. But once the stream of fans ends and the camera flashes subside, she can go to her hotel room and have some peace of being her true self. She knows the price of success. Not many want to talk about what happens once you have made it.

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We are taught about the road to success. It is drilled into each of us from a very early age, when we are taught to compete with everyone else, apart from ourselves to be the best we can be. It is always about winning a coveted spot in society.

But imagine for a moment that there is a different story available to you. One that is more aligned with who you are becoming and takes you off the universal path of success.

For many people, this mere thought induces much fear as there are people who do not want to think for themselves. They would rather follow the prescribed path as there is a pill for anything you come across to ease your suffering. And that is ok as it a choice each of us can make. It is their own health that they are responsible for. It is the story that they choose to adopt as a way of life. And we can respect the fact that they are doing their best.

It does not mean that you have to follow a certain path that does not evoke your truth. It takes courage to step out of a story that is no longer (or maybe has never) serving you.

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No one can change the world until they choose to do their work. Our world needs healthy systems and healthy living beings. It does not want to change; it wants to evolve. While some systems are healing (health, literacy, etc.), others continue to decline (hate, fear, intolerance, polarization, etc.).

All one can do is work on oneself and it is the hardest and most rewarding work you can ever do. There is no secret sauce and there is no guru to set you free. It is the biggest unspoken hoax available to each of us.

It is only when you realize how truly powerful you are as you have been gifted the power to make choices. Choices of what you want to walk toward and choices of when, who and what you want to walk away from (and sometimes actually run).

So, ask yourself:

  1. What and who am I walking towards? And, why?
  2. Is it aligned to who I am? And, why? and, why not?
  3. What do I want to walk towards? And,
  4. why?

These three questions will help you know that its4me. And please add your own brilliant questions to the mix as only you know what to ask yourself. This is just to help spark the fire in you.

Then ask yourself something like:

  1. What people, beliefs, stories and ideas are no longer serving me? And may never have? And, why?
  2. Why am I still in these stories? What is holding me there? And, why?
  3. Do I want to stay in these situations? What would happen if I walked away? And, why?
  4. What does walking away mean to me? Is it something I have the capability to do now or later? Is it something I feel I can do? What support system do I need, if any, to leap of the cliff? And, why?

These four questions may help you to understand itsnot4me. What is not healthy for you and weighing on your soul? What questions will help you? What support do you truly need?

Imagine if we taught kids from a young age to discern between what’s for them and what’s not for them so they can create their own beautiful path rather than have to be placed in someone else’s boxes of success. But so many parents today are wounded and there is a need for massive healing on this planet.

I fire myself often from different situations when I discover they are not for me, and not aligned to who I am becoming. People around me often think I am crazy and that’s ok. I have been brought up to think about what is right or wrong; what is good or bad? I now choose to ask different questions that are more aligned to my core:

is this person, organization, belief, story, food, situation, system healthy or unhealthy?

Much changes when you realize how powerful you are and that the choices you make matter deeply. It is your internal compass that is waiting for you to navigate your life in a healthy direction, which is here for you to discover at your own time and your own pace.

Choose wisely. Your health depends on it and so does that of every other living being on our planet.

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